Teach Me How to Cry!

The following poem appeared in today's Belief Section of the Houston Chronicle. http://www.chron.com/life/houston-belief/article/For-one-woman-God-s-grace-is-pure-poetry-3566760.php

The author is a survivor of a traumatic, near death experience: "a head-on collision and near-drowning in a gutter....."

It touched me, especially in light of some of the discussions/postings we've had this week. It may also touch you!


"Teach Me How to Cry"

Inspired by Psalm 116

By Vascola Stoney

Teach me how to own the pain I try so hard to hide.

Teach me to surrender all.

Teach me how to cry.

Teach me how to find the answers when I keep asking why.

Teach me how to trust your will.

And put my whys aside.

Teach me how to use your truth to fight the devil's lies.

And if I lose my strength to fight.

Teach me how to cry.

Teach me to release the fear that has me trapped inside.

To replace my fear with faith.

So I no longer have to hide.

Teach me how to leave the world, to forever in you abide.

Teach me how to rest in peace.

Before I have to die.

Teach me to put the past behind; to spread my wings and fly.

And if the wind should trouble my flight.

Teach me how to cry.

Teach me to cry out to you when life has gone awry.

I may endure a long night's weeping.

But joy comes in the morning and

Morning's drawing nigh.

Great post Carole! Thanks for sharing!

Oh My God Carole...as I sit here crying ... and reading this post...it is beautiful...I am going to copy and treasure it...I love the part about "owning it..." Oh Carole...I will carry this all day with me...~ Thank~you so much for all you do for us...you are not only an inspiration, but you are so full of great knowledge...Have a BEAUTIFUL Day ~ xoxoxoxo Colleen

Hi Carole, I am going to print this out and post it at my work station. Being I am going back to work on Monday morning. Please Keep me in your prayers! I know that with God on my side I will be able to do the task that are set before me!!!!!

Lots of Hugs!!!!!


Thanks, Linda, Sue, Colleen and Tiffany,

I'm glad to be of help. Writing on the BAF site has been such a blessing to me. One of those blessings is that it's given me a way to finally get my mother to talk about my rupture. She would always blow me off when I tried to talk about it. But, now, by sharing some of our discussions on this site, I've been able to get her to talk. She spoke of the "overwhelming fear" she had at the time of the surgery and how, with the knowledge that I've had at least one unruptured annie ever since, she couldn't bear facing it again. I encouraged her to focus instead on the successful clipping that I had and my life since then rather than the fear.

My mother is a survivor of open heart surgery. Two years ago today she went home 3 weeeks after the surgery and after completing therapy in a skilled nursing facility. She has done well ever since.

Today, I made my first speech as an ambassador for the American Heart Association relating my mom's story and my own, as a survivor of a ruptured annie, to provide encouragement and hope to others. It was well received. The doctor who spoke later even referred to my speech twice. :-)

Take care.


I love this Carole!! Thanks for posting..

Thanks for sharing Carole!!!

Hi Carole...you are an inspiration...this is simply beautiful...Thank you for sharing...~ Colleen

Carole...thanks for this..