Brain Aneurysm Support Community

Tam from Georgia has joined us!


Hello Tam!

My name is Arjuna, an intern here at Ben’s Friends, and I wanted to take the time to welcome you to our amazing community. I am glad you were able to find us shortly after discovering you had another aneurysm. I understand that this is the second time you will be getting a coiling procedure done. It must have been very scary to have undergone those attacks, and it is a relief knowing that you are getting treatment for it as soon as possible. You may have noticed the search icon (Magnifying glass) on the top right corner of the screen. This is a great way for you to go through existing topics and discussions that may be help you learn more about what others have done in your shoes.

With your positive attitude in life, I have no doubt everything will work out for you Tam! We are all rooting for you, and we would be excited to hear back from you on how you are doing after the procedure.

We wish you a safe recovery Tam! Take care !