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HI, I’m new to the app, just want to say Hi. I had my aneursm 2.5 yrs ago. I lost some short term memory and a couple other problems…

How about you? Not quite sure what to do next?..

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Hello, welcome to our community. Yes there are some memory loss after surgery, but there is alway’s a trick to gain this back again if you want to. I’ve survived my Annie 15 years now, hope for another 10 more years to continue sharing and do more researches on Annie too.
there is a trick that i usually do when forgetting things or someone or locations:
I pause for a while and breath gently and think of what is to remember. Aside from that I do drink milk that is recommended by my Nuero tells to do. And what really help me a lot to enhance my memory is to listening to the soft music even it relax our mind and soul.Hope through my words could help you heal much faster.
I Will pray for you too. Keep in mind that we are here always open to hear your query.God Bless.


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Hi Maes,

Thanks for getting back to me :blush:. I do Tai Chi most days, I wonder if it works much the same as 'pause and breathe"? One of my other problems it remembering the spelling. I have college-level reading again, but writing, whether cursive or typing is a slow matter… It’s neat, talking to other Annie survivors. Is there a live Annie chat room somewhere? Computer work is another thing I lost some of since the accident so a little more help at the start may go a long way :ok_hand:So nice to here from you! :nerd_face:

In my prayers,


Know what you makes me smile, it feels like I’m facing a mirror. at some point we have some things in common such as “spelling and speed typing”, well’, I think this is the common problem for us who had a brain surgery, the good part is we did’nt loose our sense of sight. because God gave us a second life,we have to improve or correct everything that needs to be enhance. Yes, there is a chat room here ,but it was as if its a ghost town there. i always go there every after sharing something to anyone that needs an advice or opinion. Tai Chi is good thing, you’ll get along well in ''moodswing".
Here’s some tip for developing your computer prowess,I started memorizing the keyboard and the pattern.sometimes we need to be open to re-learn again and afterwards you’ll feel changes. as they say “practice makes perfect”.
I’m always here to help you.



I’m wondering if others use the Fit Brains and Lumosity apps? These are the ones I use almost every day. After 2.5+ yrs I’m still improving although not as fast as I did at first. Are there others you use?

I’m not sure if the email is just to you or if it goes to any of the Annie’s out there?

Take care,

And yes, it’s very much a second life… I’m even kind of into second birthdays :nerd_face::kissing:

Hi there, I only use the typing test, so I can do more of encoding stints. helps me bring back my ability on words spellings and stuff. it does help, I read a lot of stuff to improve memory and of course issues on Aneurysm for obvious reason…

Yep, i will get a notice for replys on the specific person in this site.but everyone can read it.
LOL! so you too, celebrate natal and the gift (as my daughter say it’s my giftday because i’m special from God).
Sometimes words coming from our children makes a big puzzle on me though…

Keep it up. God heals fast when we pray a lot.