Hey guys. My name is Chelsea and i'm new here. I have a few concerns for myself since I lost my mom in April of this year to a ruptured brain aneurysm.

I April of this year I got a call that my Grandmother thought my Mom had a stroke. She said my Mom had all of a sudden said her brain hurt and then passed out in the floor and started seizing. She lived about an hour from the nearest hospital and they couldn't life flight her due to weather conditions. So anyway we were told she had an aneurysm rupture. They did a coil the next morning and then on the way to recovery she had another one rupture. They then went it to expand her veins in her brain to stop her seizing (can't remember the technical terms) and she went into cardiac arrest. The brain damage from the SAH and the Cardiac Arrest were just too extensive and we decided to withdrawal care. There were never any warning signs for her as far as we know, as I've read is the case for many.

Okay so on to my concerns. Since around July of this year I've been having constant headaches. Typically a dull ache around my brow bones,eyes and temples, and then about twice a day i'll get severe pain behind my eyes (almost feels like what your head feels like when you get a brain freeze) and sometimes i'll get stabbing pain at the base of my neck (not as often, maybe twice a week) I have been having some visual disturbances. I get dizzy and nauseous quite often and sometimes I get this fog over my eyes. Like i'll be walking and I'll have to stop and let it pass before I can focus again. Usually lasts about 10 seconds. It almost seems like I black out while still conscious (if that makes any sense) I wasn't really concerned until the visual issues started. I also get tingly hands and feet, they fall asleep really easy and my nerves jump a lot. Typically in my eye and in my hands and sometimes in my thigh. I went to my General Practitioner yesterday (I've been putting this off because sometimes the problems go away and I hate to be the person that goes to the Dr and has all these tests done and nothing is wrong) but she scheduled me for an MRI for next Tuesday. But i'm worrying myself sick about this because i'm really afraid after reading many peoples' symptoms that I may have an unruptured aneurysm. So my question is are these similar symptoms to what you had? I'm sure that some of these symptoms could be many things but i'm just curious. Thank you in advance for any advice and responses!

Hi Chelsea and Again Welcome to BAF ~...I am so sorry for you loss...All of your mother's children should be checked esp those with headache symptoms...I was the first in the family to have 2 brain aneurysm's ... I was told that my children should be checked and my siblings (especially any who have many headaches/migraines)...I think you are doing the right thing...I will tell you that my aneurysm's only showed up in an MRA (MRI with Dye) and the angiogram...

Many of us have similar symptoms, but truthfully told there really aren't symptoms other than that bad headache...well if you read here...many of us suffered with many of the same things, not knowing what those things meant...

Be sure to not stress too much...that will not help you...also, don't smoke...and no binge careful with heavy lifting...just until you know if you have a brain aneurysm or not...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Forgot one more thing...listen to your body...If something seems really medical attention...better to be nothing then something...

Hi Chelsea-

I am very sorry for your loss. My aneurysm was found incidentally with no symptoms. My annie was on the anterior communicating artery. Everyone is different. Easier said than done, but try to relax. I hope you find out what is causing your symptoms.


Hello Chelsea,

I can't tell you how sorry I am about your mother....So many do not have symptoms, and so many of us did have symptoms but like you noted, "it could be anything"--in your case however, getting an Angiogram with contrast (or at the very least an MRA/contrast) is well warranted .

I completely understand how frightening this whole thing is, and waiting for the test is like nails on a chalkboard.! And regarding symptoms, the Headache from Hell is definatley a red flag symptom--I had that on my 1st aneurysm. But 7 years later I had only trouble with my vision (it would double whenever I looked upward and not re-adjust for a minute or so) but no headache..yet that is the aneurysm that ruptured and put me in a coma for 6 weeks! So, you're wise for seeing the doctor and i'm glad to hear you're getting tested. Much better to know beforehand so if anything is amiss it can be dealt with before catastrophe strikes...I hope its nothing ofcourse!, I wish you peace as you get thru it all, Janet

hi Chelsea~so sorry for your loss, i had a sah and had no vision problems but did have 2 migrains with light and sound sensitivity, do not think - i don't want to be the one who gets tests and nothings wrong, rejoice and thank God that your ok. I'm so glad your getting checked, let us know!!~

Thank you all for your help and thoughts! I did my MRI yesterday and my Dr called this morning. She said from the scan they did yesterday they seen no aneurysm. It is showing that I have a lot of Sinus Disease. I currently have a sinus infection so i'm thinking that is what that is from. But they are referring me to an ENT to get it checked out. She also wants me to see a neurologist for the headaches and dizziness because I've also been getting some numbness/tingling in my feet and hands and have been having some nerve jumps all over. So she is hoping they'll do an Angiogram with contrast. So ENT visit is next Thursday and just waiting on the Neurologist to get back with them about an appointment for me. Again thank you everyone for your help and thoughts. I really appreciate it!

Chelsea, I am so sorry that you lost your mom. I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through with losing her and then the fear of what is happening with you. Sounds like your GP is a great doctor and very proactive. I pray that they get you in for the angiogram to thoroughly check things out for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless you, Chelsea
~ Carol