Symptoms after coiling

Hello everyone! Im still recovering from my coiling, just wany to ask if anybody
Experienced of blurred vision, itchy, ringing in the ears,
Vibrating sensation where the coil is?

Hi Marinelle ... after being coiled, I experienced terrible headaches, one eye (right) stayed close most of the time...or half closed...I had ringing in my ears...I was told from Doc's this was due to coils and swelling in my took 6 months and things started getting so much better...hang in there and get lots of rest...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Thanks colleen for the info. Do i consider myself a survivor? I would like to do something foa a cause but i dont know how to start.
I would like to sell my paintings. I would like to be active for this foundation.

You sure are a Survivor Marinelle...

Right now you need to heal from your coil surgery...if you have a want to do can continue and respond to others who need help here at BAF...just support or a kind note really goes along far as .. activity outside of the site, I have not done that either...other than I am in an Aneurysm Study with Shands in Gainsville Florida...

Be well...Colleen