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Sweet Dreams


I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage about nine months ago, and thankfully I’ve returned back to about 99% capacity. I probably dream, but I don’t remember any of them. (Rarely, I’ll remember one, but it’s not often.) Also, certain foods, mostly sweet foods, have a metallic tang. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m guessing/hoping at some point it will return to normal…

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My anuerysm ruptured about a year ago and I’m mostly recovered too. I have found my memory is much worse, and same with word-recall or sentence delivery. I think the technical term is aphasia (forgetting what word to use in a sentence) which might play into the memory loss. I hope this will go away eventually too, but who knows. Good luck with everything and I hope your symptoms improve!

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Hi Stephen - I ruptured 4 months ago and it is great to hear that you are at 99% at your capacity. This is still a dream for me as I haven’t returned to work as yet and my mornings are still difficult for me. I don’t remember my dreams also and all the food that I eat taste the same. I used to eat sweets and loved them but after the surgery i don’t feel the urge to eat them.
Take care Stephen

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I don’t sleep deeply as I used to before. I wake up a lot more through the night. Also, I used to drink so much Pepsi I should have owned stock in the company-however, it tastes really bad to me now. That is a good thing though! The part that makes me crazy is using the wrong word in a sentence-I am thinking of it and a different word comes out of my mouth and immediately I know it is wrong-but lately I may not be able to think of the right one-and all my friend say I am a “word snob” because I love words-English was my favorite in school. I loved to read and I taught my girls to read-but I don’t have patience to finish even one book any more.



Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate it. I know this will be a difficult adjustment, but I hope eventually, we will all be able to adjust. Thank you for the support.

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My first year out nothing tasted right. I am more a texture type of person and need crunch in foods. Luckily my mom made us take thank you portions when we were kids…and now I eat the protein first.