Surgery Scheduled

Hi everybody. Haven't been here for a while due to dealing with complications from my avm surgery in June. Now I've been scheduled for coiling and stenting of two basilar aneurysms on October 25. Found out about the date a few weeks ago but then two days later found out my company had terminated my medical insurance as of the end of September. They never even notified me that they were terminating it.....found out when I got a letter about Cobra insurance. Needless to say I was forced to pay the Cobra payment for October so that my surgery will be covered. I can't afford to keep paying this so I was forced to apply for medical assistance. I've been off work ever since my surgery in June and now am broke. I just got the call today that the medical assistance was approved....thankfully. Anyway, hopefully things will go better with this surgery and I can get back to work soon, although I'm not even sure I will have a job to return to. I'm 61 years old and finding another job at my age will not be easy.

Hi will be kept in my prayers for you upcoming surgery...~ Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way ~ Colleen

Hello Cheryl

I hope your procedure goes well.


Hang in there! BAF's resources are really great to go through if you haven't yet: I'm not by any means an expert in insurance, but i think they have to notify before they terminate it. Check out the BAF resources:

Fingers crossed for your surgery! And sending lotsa prayers!

hi Cheryl-i was also among the terminated ,i was devastated,i had to be terminated in order to collect disability,so my heart goes out to you,i also felt bad for the management who had to relay the bitter truth. i also paid hundreds of dollars to Cobra to basically see my family dr 2 or 3 times- glad your getting help,my aid ran out so they put me on medicare!!!! im only 55! never in a million years would i think id be permanently disabled at 52 yrs OLD, I FEEL LIKE A hockey puck in & out of 4 or 5 insurance plans-then they argue about whos going to pay! i guess we must focus on the medical tests & procedures so we'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers for the 25th first & foremost, hang in there Cheryl youve been thru so much, just a few more hurdles!

Best wishes to you Cheryl for your upcoming procedures. Praying for all to go well for you. It's a blessing you were approved for medical assistance. Try not to worry about the other issues and concentrate on your recovery. Take care, you are in my thoughts and prayers,


Hi, Cheryl,

I have an AVM & two aneurysms, too. I've had 3 Gamma Knife radiation treatments to shrink my AVM, and had a craniotomy to clip my aneurysms.

I'm wishing you a successful surgery this week!

Thanks everyone for the good thoughts and wishes. Surgery went well and was released from hospital yesterday. They were only able to coil and stent the largest of the aneurysms but my neurosurgeon says that with the reduced blood flow to the other one, it should shrink in size. I hope he's right. I have a really sore and swollen groin and have been experiencing some headaches but I guess that's to be expected. He says I should be able to return to work next week, however I'm not sure if I even have a job anymore. Made a call yesterday to the home office, left a message, however nobody ever got back to me. Guess I'll just try again on Monday. Thanks again for all the good wishes.

Hi were released home already...that is good news...however, that still means you must rest and heal...not sure how they expect you to go to work next week...esp since coiling causes the headaches...well "one day at a time"....~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen