Surgery on Monday 13th

Starting my countdown to the surgery. 3mm right ophthalmic ICA clipping at MGH. Getting nervous now :(

Have read and reread all good suggestions for before and after surgery from members here.. Thankful for those...

Hope it's the right decision. Will know soon !


I am so happy for you to have your 3mm ophthalmic ICA open surg/clip...and at MGH...sitting here smiling, sensing it is so right...your decision...

Hugs and Prayers,


Thanks for the encouragement Pat !

You have my Thoughts and Prayers and sending positive vibes your way ~ Know we will be here waiting to here when you are able to post ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen .Appreciate your wishes ...

Good thoughts & prayers headed your way for a speedy, peaceful surgery& recovery.


I totally agree with what Pat says, I'm happy you're getting this done and out of the way! sending big healing vibes your way with prayers for an uneventful surgery and quick recovery ! Peace, Janet