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"Surgeon"My next BA's left, cranitomy,clipping.He said;could lose my speech!

From first BA’s surgery my speech is pretty bad.Next surgery could lose speech.If this happens how will they help me?

Hey! there, I suggest that you need to have a speach teraphy/ pt for your case. I Been in the same path before or might be more worst, but I made it through, they even gave an exercises like chewing a gun everyday so my gaw will go back and be able to speak normally.


Not a Doctor nor a Physician
it’s just based on my experience here!

Really so nice of you to talk about this problem.I began to think I was only one.My next brain surgery is in December.So the Surgeon said;they are going to wait till after next surgery.Because going in brain were speech located.I will try the gum good idea.Thank you!So kind !:gift_heart:

Always welcome to help, share what I had experienced.
I’m sure you can do it! done the worst of the worst of this kind of ailment and I’m sure you will too.


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The brain can do wonderful things if you’re willing to work at it…

Here’s a site for Speech and brain issues. Don’t go overboard as it covers a lot of different things, just know that a speech therapist can help you through it