Summer's coming - a recreation question

Hello all! This might seem an odd question. I had a ruptured annie 7 years ago. It was clipped. I love the summer and miss the local amusement parks. Does anyone know of any dangers riding roller coasters after a clipping?


I agree with Karen. I loved roller coasters last year I went to universal studios and consulted with my doc. Unfortunatly she said its best to stay away. I did get on some But i did make sure the rides I went on were not bumpy ones that my head would get banged up a lot. I had a coiling but Make sure with your docter first. I hope this helps.

I’ve been avoiding them for these 7 years. Mostly because i figure…where is the clamp that they used to fix my ruptured annie? If the annie is healed,the clamp must just be sitting there in my brain. Going from 0 to 200mph in 7 seconds can’t be good for that!

probably not i waited 9 yrs. Most rides have a sign that tell you what the ride entitles, so I used my judgement. I didnt go on the ones that made loops cause i get dizzy easy, I didnt get on the ones where the safty latches go over my head cause you know those sit right by your head so chances are you will bang your head,. I would have to say consult with your doctor. It might be fine it might not be but there is no harm in asking. But if you dont I would have to say use ur judgement. In any case i took advantge of all the water rides.