I recently took and, more importantly, passed my CA Real Estate Exam!!!!

This was an important milestone for me.....A neurologist I met with (last fall- the same one that wanted to do the angio...) asked me, "on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your cognitive abilities now? (as compared to prior)" To which I answered "9.5"...well, he was incredulous! He implied that when I resumed working I might re-think that....And he may well be right, time will tell.....

That being said, he planted a little seed in my head that just kept growing and growing---the seed of self-doubt....I hated that cause self-doubt is something I rarely had and I couldn't seem to shake it off (of course, I never had brain surgery before)...That is why I was elated when I found out I had passed!

Real Estate is both my passion and profession- It will be different as I won't be able to take people out and show properties (physical limitations- walking/stairs etc..)) but I should be able to do everything else for our business! I don't feel quite ready to jump back in on a full time status but am relieved that if I want to help out my husband starting our business in a new market (I should say- our new home), I am now licensed

Congratulations and Way to Go Dana...!

I am so proud sweetie...and "toot your horn"...we are tough son~of~a~guns (Jim always says this....)...

Your truly inspiring...!

Gotcha in my Heart ...Colleen

Congratulations - I know the test is really hard because I was licensed in MA - ran 3 real estate offices. The owner took the test 3 times before she passed the first time. I don't think I could pass now - this is really impressive - the test is really hard, at least in MA and I am sure in CA, also. I did the test before I had any health problems.


Congratulations Dana! You should be proud. Good luck to you and your husband

Yeah-you go girl!!!!

Congratulations, Dana.

This is such good news!

So, when will you start working part time ? :-))

Take care.


Hi Dana

I think that guy was passing a very negative comment which was uncalled for and thoughtless. You shouldn't even pay any attention to what he said in the light of what you have achieved, especially.

So many congratulations on your pass and well done! I'm also a property agent- times for property sales are hard here in S.A.


Congratulations! I hope you can get the negative thoughts out of your head - you are a survivor and doing amazingly well!! Don't doubt yourself, you are a true warrior!!

Congratulations Dana! Way to go!

I'm sorry the neurologist planted that little seed of self doubt. From my own experience of going back to work after a rupture, perhaps the hardest thing I had to deal with was multi-tasking. Real Estate includes a great deal of multi-tasking, so can I suggest that as you start, slow down. Initially I tried to work at the speed I worked at prior to my rupture, and I found I could not. It frustrated the heck out of me. I slowed down, working one task at a time, and eventually I was back up to speed, back to multi-tasking. Work at a speed you're comfortable with. You'll do GREAT! Congratulations again!


Congrats and an inspiration to others!! Thanks for posting great news!


Dana, congratulation!

It was not an easy test, some of our r.e. agents did not pass it from the first time. It's your success and never doubt yourself after and what your survived thru. I am proud of you.Keep going.


Dana, what good news! I'm sure your worked hard studying and were quite anxious just prior to the test -- but you did good!! Enjoy your passion -- you've got plenty of time ahead of you.

Congratulations on your success...I am delighted for you...

Dana, I was in real estate; did pass my renewal classes without much issue...I could not coordinate a energy or memory. But the renewal classes were old memory for me... then, I'd not have remembered your name to call you back for an appointment!

You are truly blessed...actually, I think your neuro was good in addressing potential issues; and, you will be so pleased to be able to tell him one day that all is going so well.

Hugs and prayers... with the best wishes for your achievements...

you truly are an inspirations dana!!! i'm so proud of you!!!!

you give me hope!!! my dream, prior to the aneurysm was to become a concert promoter. i have 2 bands lined up to perform at rockville in jacksonville, fl april 29th but i can't even get through a day w/o nausea and weakness. i don't know how i'm going to do it yet your post gives me hope!!!

keep on keepin' on girlfriend!!! rock this world darlin'!!!