Stupid shingles

Have any of you gotten shingles as a result of the trauma of aneuyrsm or craniotomy? Have been struggling with this for 4 months. Surgery (clipping) was in December.


Hi Nicole...since Shingles like to come around when people are stressed and their immune systems are is no wonder you got them Nicole...surprise I don't see this more on the site...I have never had the shingles...but my mom had them twice with her breast cancer...and I know they hurt...I hope you are on the meds and will get some relief soon...God Bless...cyber~healing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

I got shingles not long after, didn’t ever think it was connected though

Yes I actually had shingle when my doctor did my second coiling. Like Colleen said they show up when your body has had just about all it can take. I hope your doctor put you on a very strong medicine like valaclavior to help get with the rash and kill the virus. He can also give a cream for the pain and itching.

Best of Luck and Heal Fast!!!

Lots of hugs!!!


Hi everyone. Another case of shingles here. Just diagnosed on Thursday. Not sure if it is related to craniotomies/coiling, but upon my search I read surgery or stress can bring it on.

Not sure about all of you but my pain is worse at night while sleeping but only in one area. A deep stabbing like pain.

There is a vaccine for shingles but I don't think a person who had/has shingle can get it. New to this so I'm still learning. Best wishes to all.

hi nicole! our thoughts and prayers for you-i know the pain remembering yrs ago i ha d them on my face--ugh, they said 10% get them on the face & also 10% get a return visit-so far so good

Nicole--I got shingles in Feb of this year---on my forehead and nose--nice....:-(... My dr did say it was because my immune system was still weak. Once I got on the proper meds--it subsided within days- I was very ill the first week of having them--not fun- I hope you find relief soon- D

p.s.--Stupid Shingles is right!

I had shingles and was advised to get the vaccine afterwards. It supposedly helps your body fight off any reoccurrence.

I asked my Dr if i could get the vaccine and she said I had to wait a couple of years? I didn't really pursue that and wish that I had---did you have to wait to get the vaccine?

It was about 6 months after the shingles cleared up. I did not have any reaction to the shot.