"Stuck in the middle"

I am a very active person and have exercised most of my life. In Jan. I was doing a cardio class and I experienced an awful pain in my head (something I have never felt before) I had to stop and take deep breaths.(dizzy) The pain lasted about 20 minutes and I felt alittle out of sorts. I just kind of blew it off to dehydration.

2 more time in the next week and ahalf it happened again, however not as severe as the first episode.

I am not a headache person, never have been....so I went to see my doctor and she sent me in for an mra.

They found 2 aneurysms (about 3.5mm still small)..one one each side behind my eyes. Because of the pain I experience I also had an angiogram and lumbar puncture. I had the angio and lumbar puncture about 8 or 9 days after I experienced the pain. They did not find any traces of blood. My Doctor had his nurse call me and without any explanation said we will see you in 1 year for monitoring. (She said the doc was not sure what caused the pain but it was not the aneurysms) Thanks doc

I found a new doctor whom I feel I trust very much. He feels that too many days may have passed for the lumbar puncture to detect any bleeding. He said I could do one of two things, have a 3-d scan and see the probability of coiling if it looks good he would do it on the spot.

Or Monitor every 6months (he did not seem completely confident with this suggestion) They are small, however he was thinking that the pain I was experiencing could have been caused by a small leak.

Not sure what to do....wondering if anyone has else has been in a similar situation. Looking for suggestions

thanks and sorry my story is so long!!

Hi Kim - sorry to hear about your aneurysms. It becomes such an internal struggle once you know and trying to figure out what is best. Every situation is so unique and it also depends on what you personally are comfortable with. Ultimately it is a tough choice only you can make.

I found out at Christmas that I have a 4 mm aneurysm. I am 33 and have two kids: a one and three year old. My mom has had two aneurysms clipped in separate surgeries. My dad has had one sister pass away from a rupture and two others currently living with multiple aneurysms. My surgeon told me waiting and watching was an option but his recommendation was clipping. Due to a number of factors, including age and family history and personal reasons, I have decided to go ahead with surgery. My date is May 30.

For me personally, the worry about it was consuming. And I feel like it would need to be looked after at some point and better now while I am young. I want to put this behind me and enjoy my family without this shadow.

Best of luck in your decision making. You will find lots of support and advice here and I have found it comforting.

Hi Kim, I hope that they give you the opportunity to have them coiled. So sorry you are going through this. The latest nerologist sounds like he looking for the best answers for you. I had a 7mm anuerysm and went through the coiling. Though it is scary and nothing that any of us would every think that we would be going through, something like this, stay stong and look at all your options and go forward.

HI Kim;

Thanks for your reply. I am feeling that I am not living my life like I was and it is always on my mind. I was also wondering about your situation. You mentioned that your aneurysm is 4mm (however you have alot of family history) Having the aneurysm coiled is less invasive...just wondering why your doctor suggested clipping?? My doctor did not talk about clipping????

Hi Kathy

Just wondering what the follow up to your coiling procedure was and did the coil work successfully??

Hi Kim...almost the same thing happened to me...I was very dizzy one morning in the shower...and had gone to lunch with friends...when I was driving home...in the car...I started experiencing dizzy again...and sweating and my heart beat started going so fast it was vibrating in my head...I literally had to pull over and have my husband pick me up...my pulse rate was 120...high...for sitting in a car...we felt it was a "full~blown panic attack"... within a few days in the middle of the night I woke with a headache I had never experienced in my life...alot happened until I saw the surgeons...mine hadn't ruptured, but Surgeons felt everything that happened had told them there was a small leak...I was then coiled...from when this all started until I was coiled...3 months had passed...alot had gone on, I must tell you...I barely drive to this day...I can't seem to get past what happened in the car that day...being totally out of control...like you...this to me was my independence...now I can barely drive my neighborhood...

Now...my aneurysm was 9mm...and on my basilar tip artery...they take alot into consideration when deciding on surgery and it isn't always the size...if you feel confident in this new Doctor, perhaps you would like to go further with his investigations and get a 3D view of your head...~

I do have a 2mm annie behind my left eye and they are watching it...and making sure I do the right things to keep from rupture...

You must do what feels right for YOU...cyber~prayers in making this decision ~ Colleen

HI colleen;

Thanks for your reply...Happy to hear that they were able to successfully coil your aneurysm and you did not have a rupture. It is a very scary thing!!

Are you still doing follow up on the aneurysm that was coiled??

Yes Kim...infact June 2012, I go back to Hospital for follow~up angiogram...it is my 18 months checkup...I hate the thoughts ... of going ...

Goodluck and praying everything goes well for you!!

Hi - just to answer your question, coiling was not an option due to the location and shape. I wish I could go less invasive but it is not an option at this point.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions you might have. :slight_smile:

I had a similar situation of wait and see vs take care of it. I choose to take care of it. The stress was too much. I was not cleared to exercise and this added to my stress as I do it daily. I had an "incident"-no bleed evident but a dialted pupil and pain. My advice would be to do the angiogram scan, and take care of it if possible at the time. Mine needed to be stented so I had to return to have it done. Any future headaches you have will have to be scanned and have another lumbar puncture to ensure it isn't leaking. To me the stress and days spent in the ER weren't worth it. Surgery went incredibly well and I am so relieved to be moving foward. Can I ask who the surgeon is? I had my surgery done in Chicago.

Hi Teresa;

Thanks so much for your input. I really do appreciate it and I am happy to hear that things went very well for you. I am working with one of the neurosurgeons out of Rush. What hospital did you have your procedure done??

hi kim! i did my surgery at rush with dr. lopes. who are you consulting with?

dr moftakahar, I know he works together with dr lopes

Hi Kim I quess knowing now what I know I WOULD HAVE IT REMOVED BY ANY MEANS asap before full rupture the headaches and discomfort you feel now is nothing compared with what happens after rupture occurs if you survive, the changes in life and the healing process seems to take forever I had no early warning signs when going to work one day and suddenly 2 anyurisms burst at the same time (must have been large don't know) flooding my brain with blood on every heartbeat that was in 05 and it has been a long journey back the long term damage and life changing events are and have been difficult to deal with still now I don't want to scare you into rushing into anything get different doctors opinions I'm on the east coast about 2 hrs from boston where I was lucky enough to get dr. Ogilvy on one of the ruptures it was so severe he had to take out a large part of my frontal lobe to save my life everything in my life has changed I don't think I'd allow them to grow and burst at the time of there own choosing I would have wanted to be proactive I didn't have that choice but be wise and keep talking it helps alot and don't worry about your story being too long all our stories are too long ( thank god) because if they're too short well you know and let us know how things are going stay strong ..Dale

Hi Dale;

Sorry to hear about your scary occurrence, however happy to hear that you are on the mend. Thanks for sharing your story. Everyone here has been very kind and honest with their situations and it has brought me to the realization that I do need to take action.

I called my doctor and I scheduled the surgery for the first week in May. Hoping and praying that both aneurysms can be coiled successfully.

Thanks again and I hope you feel better and stronger with every day!!!!!

I think you made a wise decision a tough one but none the less wise todays surgical practices are so much more advanced than they where just 10 yrs ago I know it's very,very scary but it may just prove to save your life or quality of life for the future when you feel better please keep writing and let us know how it went all my blessings and best wishes go out to you and your family..Dale

Thanks so much for your kind words....I will keep you posted!!

Know how you feel Col! I go next week for my 1st follow up angio. after clipping. Ugh. Best of luck Kim.

Goodluck to you and I hope all goes well with your angio.