Soooo true!!

Oh Kimberely...this is so when you really think about it...

I just read (must have missed) it...your surgery got changed to March 8th...I am so sorry...I am sure you are just plain ready to get this "show on the road"...well you know...daily you are in my prayers...and one big prayer is that this surgery will fix all your prior problems...and you can work on healing...


so true,so true. AND STRONG WE ARE.

Colleen, you are such an angel!!

I was not happy that they had to change the date and I was even less about what the new date is. March 8th is exactly one year ago I woke up with infection in my head. It was the day that they told me they were taking out my skull bone. I didn't see it as a lucky date for me but then after thinking about it I decided that maybe it is and means that EVERYTHING is going to go GREAT!!!

I thought it was best to keep busy instead of thinking about it so I took an old swedish bed totally apart, down to the wood frame. I am going to make a shoe/coat rack out of the wood frame :-) I called my mother-in-law and told her I had an idea for her garden using the spring frame.

I told her she needed to come over here because I am so creative and was going to show her how to improve her what? I don't do gardens..haha

However I do use google and pinterest :-) amazing, what you can use springs from an old bed for..

Your also in my daily thoughts and prayers!!!


We sure are Laurie!!


You, dear Kimberly, are the epitome of strong girl!

You are in my thoughts as always




Your strength has been displayed tremendously; you are a very special person. I just read that your date has been changed to March 8th; there has to be a god-given reason to drive your doctors to initiate that change. there was a reason for it...

Hugs 'n prayers continue.


Hi Kim, we are some of the strongest people here on earth after what we've gone through. I'll remember to say some prayers on March 8 - I hope they are able to fix the jaw area for you. I have followup with plastic surgeon on March 1 to look at the healing of my cranioplasty and skin graft area - my hair is not quite 1/2 inch long!

Followup with neursurgeon on April 1 -- almost at the annivesary date of the clipping which was last year on April 20. I love these guys but will love to not have to see them on a regular basis!!! Am spending this week in Vermont at a ski resort with my family. Weather is great - I've decided skiing isn't my thing anymore so I'll just enjoy watching and looking at the pristine mountains. Have a good weekend!

Thanks for posting this... very appropriate for this site! I would've bet any one of you a million dollars that I nerver would have had the strength, willpower, and determination to survive this "curve ball" thrown at me---and not just survive---thrive--- and strive, continuously, to be the very best I can be---sometimes it just wears me down....especially the physical limitations I am left with....

I just read Kim Justus' book (In a Flash, miracles here and beyond) and she has some great quotes in it, one I am particularly fond of-

"I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa

Oh Kimberley I can so understand your feelings on the change of date...and then March 8...I like you turning this around into something positive ~ sorta like "kismet"... you have me curious about this shoe/coat rack turning into something for a are one amazing lady...hahahaha...! If I need an Idea ... I know who to come to...<wink>


Okay so here it is Colleen,

I taking the wood frame as a whole and haning it on the wall then using the 4-5 bottom slates as shoe holders, so you slide the toe of the shoes inbetween the slates then the upper slates I am going to put hooks on so coats and hats can hang on the upper portion. Of course I am going to paint it or just oil it...The spring as a whole can be used as in a garden for plants to grow up it sorta making a wall of plants & flowers or use it for tomatoe plants to grow up it..

sorta like this...

■■■■56388685302911_iWnxQDFE_b.jpg (12.4 KB) ■■■■59550003883071_Z3jRkjXa_c.jpg (35.3 KB)

Amen Laurie!!

Hugs and Prayers too you also Linda!!



The reason is that the plastic surgeon could not make it..LOL

So appreciate the hugs 'n prayers!



Wow a ski resort sounds great for you! My ski resort is out in my yard :-)

Right now we have more then 4 feet of snow, the bad part is I don't

I now have a bite plate that I am supposed to wear 24 hours a day, I get to take it out when I eat. I have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis with disk displacement without redcution in my jaw, awhole lot of most important question to the jaw surgeon was, does this mean that their are going to be a lot of greatful people in the world if I can't talk..LOL.

My thoughts and prayers are with you while your having your check-up's..I agree with you as far as the neurosurgeon goes..Love mine to pieces but would like to not see him again!!!

Hope your little vacation is wonderful!!




I too have read Kim's book..Very inspiring!!!!

It always amazes me just how much strength we have hidden in us...I sometimes think that certain people I know would not be able to cope with what I have and am still going through but at the same time I never thought I would be able to cope with something like this...Guess we never know until it happens huh?


xxxxx, Elke


I thought there was a bit of truth to it Sue... :-)


I love are a creative genius...

hahahaha...! Have a beautiful day...xoxoxoxo Colleen

I love this ...and I needed this as a reminder !! THANK YOU !!