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Stroke after Angio


Last Friday I had my final 2 year post PED angio. It went well. Aneurysm is gone and PED is covered in cells perfectly. In recovery my left side went numb. From head to toe. Dr gave me a high dose aspirin and told me he thought it might be a migrane. He sent me home (4 hours away). After 48 hours there was no improvement so we went to the ER and they determined it was a stroke. Obviously we caught it because the damage is really just sensory. I am in a whirlwind ofcemotikn since I thought our “journey” was behind us. I am hoping someone may of had this experience and could help me with what to expect.

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Guess part of the “problems” associated with the Brain Aneurysm…My doctors have told me after doing their testing that I have had at least two mini strokes since my B.A…My prayers are with you…God Bless !!!

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We all suffer I am on the list of complete brain closure not enough blood to going to the right side of my brain so I don’t know how long I have to live either I will be on this earth or not mentally capable of having a conversation what I believe is this there for the grace of God go I and one day I will be compleat it is what it is