Strange behavior prior to diagnosis?

good morning friends! i was wondering if anyone here had any strange behavior prior to being diagnosed w/an aneurysm?

i sent my husband and our 3 small kids to the beach in nc for a week in july w/o me because i was sick of dealing w/the horrid MIL. the twins are old enough now that i don't need to be there and i felt such relief that i didn't have to be around the MIL's constant negativity but i really hated missing vacation w/my kids. (i was only ok w/the kids going around her because my SIL was there. she's been in therapy for years to undo the damage done by the bitch.) i had planned on spending the whole week cleaning out and cleaning up the house because w/3 little kids and a bunch of things happening w/in the past 4 years, the house is a wreck. instead, i spent the entire week on the sofa crying and watching "hoarders" on netflix. i also got a speeding ticket and the officer accused me of drug use. i was mortified on both counts. as it happens, the aneurysm was already there and my pupils were HUGE which is why he suspected drug use. it wasn't diagnosed until this past november - 4 months later.

i also began to spend tons of money on things i'll probably never get the chance to use. we're not wealthy, more like comfortable middle class, but i was ordering craft books like real books were going out of style. then, i sold 2 antique beds and instead of putting the $$ in our account, i spent it ALL on cashmere sweaters on ebay. now, i live in southeast, georgia. we RARELY get a day cold enough to even need a jacket but i bought a shitload of cashmere.

i have no idea why i did these things. it pissed my husband off to no end. i'd apologize then do it again. granted, he is controlling about $$ but i really did go overboard.

and my depression was so deep, i asked my therapist if i needed shock therapy and where i would to to have it done. i was falling apart mentally and had no idea why.

did anyone else deal w/odd behavior prior to diagnosis?

i also considered being admitted to a mental ward on st. simons island.

Hi like you are really having a time of it...I wish I could help you out ... Did u talk to your Neurologist about some of the symptoms? Prior to my annie being discovered....I was having BP problems, dizzy, blurry eyes, sweats(water would poor off me),etc., then the big day of that awful headache...and one week later I collapsed...Mentally, I would say, I experienced my first anxiety attack a couple years prior to diagnosis and have always wondered now if that was related...

Cyber~thoughts your way....Colleen

No, I think I was a little depressed, especially because of the heart beat sounds in my ear, but some would say..... Is everything better now? By the way, MY brain fog - what is MIL and SIL?


Hi Sherri...

MIL is Mother in law

SIL is Father in Law

thanks collen! i suffer w/anxiety as well. in my case though, the aneurysm was discovered after my left eye drooped. it's called horner syndrome.

wow, lynne. sounds as if you have had a lot to deal w/too.

i hope disorientation, uncomfortable feelings and strange non dreams are a thing of the past for you.

sherry - SIL, in this case, is sister in law.

i had the heart beat sound in my ears too. drove me crazy!!