Stopping blood thinners

From the results of your recent angiogram, it sounds like you received good news indeed. Good news is good news and many of us are happy and grateful for you.

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Thanks for the advice! I continue to meditate daily (since my rupture) although the positive effect seems to be a little less lately. But as long as I am trying I am succeeding, rite? :100:

I totally agree about the “good news” part - logically. The whole thing still seems surreal to me - after being constantly anxious for 6 months, “suddenly” I am all better… It feels too good to be true. Perhaps it is just taking a bit longer for my heart to truly believe it.

When I felt anxious, it was always the result of thinking certain thoughts, either consciously or unconsciously. Some time ago, I came across a simple procedure that has made a difference in how I respond to the monkey mind in my head. It’s simple because it takes no effort to inhale or exhale; breathing comes naturally to us. We can simply place our attention on what comes naturally to us. Not to control it, but to simply become aware of our inhalations and exhalations. In time, the monkey mind quiets itself, along with the feelings that often accompany its thoughts.

As long as we are trying we are succeeding! BH and I were always a bit anxious before an MRI in the beginning because it seemed we didn’t get the really good news until Dr. Quintero-Wolfe installed my stent. As the procedures continued, we would usually get anxious the week of the MRI or angiogram. I actually don’t meditate by sitting and clearing my mind. I do much better if I can go outside and listen to the birds or watch the squirrels and thank the hawks who have depleted their numbers. But no matter where I am, I do my relaxation breathing from the moment I get up to when I go to bed most days. I also start my days with a positive usually whilst drinking my cup of hot tea.