Still having pains

I had my last surgery on my unruptured basilar tip annie in July, 2011. I have since improved tremdously, but, currently have been having bp issues, as well as sharp pains. These pains are all over, but don't last long. Does anyone else have this?

I had a bypass and clipping back in May and since having come home have had to be readmitted for BP issues. They find that I have one side that is way higher then the other to and still have yet to find out why. Although with my both side were really high so a they have just had to add a bunch of different meds to bring it down. I thought it was very strange that both sides were so different.. I on the other hand dont have any sharp pains to go along just a severe headache that I have been trying to find relief from since May. It jsut does not give a break. I have had only 3 days since May that I did not have the headache. I wish you both find relief soon.