Stent has moved, anyone else?

I got a surprise call this morning from my regular doctor. She didn't realize that I was having another angio this week and saw the note when she was in the office catching up. She was just checking up on me and when I told her that I would get the results next week, she looked up the report online.

The report said that the stent has moved 5 mm, but is still doing the job. Since I just had the surgery in October, I don't know what to think. I am seeing the neurosurgeon on Tuesday, so I should probably wait to see what he said, but it kind of shocked me. Anyone else had this happened with their stent? My annie is in the basilar tip, which my doctor has said previously could cause problems down the line, but I would be closely monitored.


Hi Sherri...

Ok...I had a shock too...I was coiled on basilar tip...but needed no stent...that is what they told me and my I started reading my medical records and it has ... "about herniated to parent vessel...blah, blah, blah" " a complication " I looked it up...I have a stent...and I didn't even know it...hmm??? I am my answer to you was going to be ... I wish I could help you out, but I don't have a stent ... now I see I have a my advice...wait to see what your neurosurgeon says on Tuesday...he seems like such a great Doctor...I am sure he will help answer all your the are in my prayers...Cyber~hugs ... I know in my heart this has to be upsetting to you...Colleen

Wow, Colleen - I can't believe your doctor didn't tell you. I have not gotten any of my medical records except for the original MRA report, so I will be asking for them from my doctor on Tuesday. I have calmed down some - if the stent is "working", I think he probably will want to monitor me more closely, which I hope will not be another angio in 3 months. But, what are you gonna do? At least I have thus far survived and not had a bleed like you and so many others.

Thanks for the prayers, hugs,


Hi Sherri...first ... I am going to shower and go to church this morning...then I am going to see surgeons in June to have another angio...and I am going to make them give me some answers...(I am preparing now) maybe I am reading the report wrong....later today I will type the wording...when I put it in the net...says it is a stent...then depending what my Doc's tell me and husband we may decide to go elsewhere for continued help on these thing at a time I guess...I was in such shock on Friday what I read, I, I was hooked to "lifesupport" in the hospital...thought because of bleed...found from report, my left lung collapsed...mystified...and feel I really was at someone else's Mercy...Oh well...I am alive and survivor so that is what counts...

Sherri...I will say some extra prayers for you today...and anxious to hear on Tuesday what your Doctor says to you...Cyber~hugs Colleen

Wow, Colleen - did they not even tell your husband all of this? I can understand you not knowing at the time because you were so ill, but afterward? Were you on Plavix for awhile and are you on 325 aspirin now?

I will let you know what the Doc tells me tomorrow. Also, my neurosurgeon is the only doctor that I see (of course, I didn't rupture) for the annie. It must be confusing to see 2 different docs. My daughter saw quite a few neurologists for a few years and I didn't like any of them! Hugs to you, too, Sherri

Part of the hubby understood procedure and stent it was something he asked about and they said ..."no stent needed"...based on "no wide neck" according to my med was needed in the parent vessel because the vessel was herniated...a complication to coiling...maybe we are reading this right now at their Mercy until I see the surgeons in June...for my angiogram...

Actually, I see a Neurologist, Neurosurgeon and RadioNeurosurgeon...too many cooks in the kitchen...huh? Good luck today...anxious to here what they say to you...Colleen

Oops forgot to respond to your question...I am on 325 aspirin for life...was on Plavix before surgery was suppose to continue 6 months after coiling but after bleed outs and blood transfusion they took me off...

Aw Sherri, that must've horrible news to you. At least it is still working. What did the Dr, say? You know, I've been so semi-conscious that I didn't realise that we are in the same boat with basilar tip coilings. My head stopped working long ago , sorry Sherri, I know you told me it will be ok.

Please let us know what the dr. says?


Shauna the three of us...have the basilar annie ... not alot of us on the site...

Unfortunately, my car broke down on the way to the doctor and I had to miss my appointment today. I asked if the neuro would do a phone appt for me, but they said no - he wants his followups in person. Now I have to wait until the 27th - he doesn't know that my primary doctor told me the results of the stent moving. I did research this and it apparently is pretty rare, only occurring in 10% of cases. They did call back to tell me that the doctor said I could discontinue the Plavix, so it can't be all bad.

Would I do it again? You bet. Have they said if yours needed a stent? If so, don't worry, this rarely happens. You will have regular tests to keep an eye on it, which, to me, is very reassuring.

Shauna, how are you feeling?


Are there just the 3 of us? Joey also has one, but his is not on the tip. He was able to get the PED this month. Last I heard from him, he was fine with no headaches afterward. Shauna, my headaches only lasted about 3 weeks - I stopped the Oxycodone then and have only sporadically had to take the Fioricet (maybe once a week - I wasn't able to take Ibuprofen because of the Plavix and Aspirin). Now I won't look like I was beaten during the summer from so much bruising - yay!

Are you feeling better about the surgery, Shauna? Love to all on this Valentine Day ....


oh no...more than 3 Sherri...I meant us three on this post...

Hi Sherri...I am so sorry your car broke poor thing...

Yeah to no more Plavix...

Happy Valentine's Day...! ~ Colleen ~

Hi Sherri, you've been a bit quiet, are you ok? Have you been able to make anything of this phenomenon?