Staying off the smokes?

Anybody got any great ideas of how to stay off the smokes after a clipping??? Its been 44 days and ive tried patches, gum, and Champix which i would never recommend! Does anybody smoke and what are the risks after surgery???????

my time in the hospital got me off them smokes, and it been 2yrs and i don't miss them. If it will increase any chance of further damge i don't want them. WILL POWER.

Hi Debbie...I was coiled and quit smoking almost 10 years ago...Neurosurgeon told me if I start smoking again...I need not come back...smoking causes all sorts of problems...

I used an on~line site..."Freedom from Smoking" with American Lung Association and then I went to QSJ "Quit Smoking Journals"... it was a process...You have done it for 44 can keep on doing it one day at a time...

Gotcha in my thoughts...I know it isn't easy...Let me know if you have any more questions...or thoughts on the subject...Happy Thanksgiving...Colleen

My surgeon said I was at no more risk than anybody else. Obviously we are all at risk when we smoke.

Ps and yes I still do it is the only thing I do. And it annoys my mom cause I stopped so easily when pregnant with both my children.

thanks jess, my surgeon said the same but i didnt ask him bout the smokes, its such a hard thing to stop as ive smoked like forever!!!! grrrrrr

hi colleen, thanks for this info and i will definatly take a look. any new information is knowledge and hopefully that will keep my will power strong.!!! cheers and a very happy thanks giving to you too!!!!!

Wish i could be like you - have used will power so far and will continue but im missing them,thanks laurie

don't even think about it, my hard part was after my first cup of coffee in the morning, once i got past that it was smooth sailing. plus my husband smokes so i tell him not by me not in the car not by the house, the poor guy, lol.

First of let me say I just typed a VERY long reply to this and somehow deleted it . AHHHH . So now long story short. lol My last cig was the day before my annie ruptured. I was in the hospitol for 2 weeks so that helped . My husband quit too , my neuro doc was very stern about this . It was hard when I got home . Due tohaving kids I never smoked in my house or car. Going outside was a trigger so was coffee and talking on the phone oh and after eating dinner . I was cranky as all hell so was my husband but we made thru and are still married. lol . I'm not gonna lie the weight gain wasn't planned but from what I'm told its normal I was 115 now i'm about 128 but thats okay I can loose the weight . Get some healthy snacks you're going to need them and maybe gum or those little dumdum lolipops to suck on .Just expect that you will be cranky but thats okay it won't last that long .Its been 6 months I'm completly over it and have been for awhile . Who know maybe my anniesaved me from getting lung or bladder cancer.Smoking is a very bad thing for specialpeople such as ourselves. You can Do it !!!! hate to say it but You have to do it !! trust me I know how hard it is but do some research talk to the docs about all that can happen . You'll want to do it . Good luck to you like I said YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!

I used to smoke,it was very hard for me to quit,I just kept trying finally succeeded 5 yrs. ago,just keep trying,You can do it,Doreen

Hi Debbie. I had my rupture on february , 2009 ; first coiled and one year later I receive a PED stent.

When I recovery after the rupture I smoke in the hospital ! I'm really crazy !

I already try with gum, patches, champix but I did not quit smoking.

Ten years ago I was able to stop drink alchool with AA support, but I'm not able to stop smoking.......

this is the reality.

after surgery we have the same risk of the other people ( this is my idea ).

take care of you,


Hi Amanda, i deleted a message that took me nearly 2 hrs to write and i screamed so i know what you mean- same triggers for me and i didnt smoke in house or car etc.weight has gone through the roof and its only been 6 week.Thats so not fair!!! I keep thinking the possitive about being a non smoker and loving not stinking of it, not having to escape outside,not ruling my life and not fearing other cancers to.I will continue trying and pray to get to the point of not even a thought.thanx so much for your support!!

love Deb

Thanks Doreen,

i will keep trying!!!!

love Deb

Hi Giovanni,

What you smoked in the hospital!!!!!!

wow that is crazy, lol, thanks for your reply, at least you got off the alchol - i dont drink so im lucky with that. i will continue to focus on the possitives of not smoking- i hope not to buckle.

take care of you to!!

Love Deb

Deb,There realy is a light at the end of the tunnel,a day goes by without even a thought of smoking and you know it no longer owns your ass,Doreen

Attempt deep-breathing...take lessons if you need; try tai-chi and acupuncture...

Make decisions that are comfortable for you; look around your family/friends, if smoke inside / or outside, same in car...i.e. cleanup; expanded teeth cleaning, etc many little things...

Prayers for your right decisions.

thanks pat,

im ommmmm- ing and breathing right now to never touch a filthy thing again!!!

so true all the little thing to move away from it.

cheers to you

love Deb

Haha- im waiting for that day Doreen!!!! done owning my ass! had enough! so thanks again

Hi debbie,

I was unable to quit pre-surgery but my last cigarette was the day before and its been almost 2 months and I have not had one cig since then. Having gone through this woke me up to reality. I will add I was not a heavy smoker. I did average 1/2 pack a day. Like Laurie, I don't want them either and it's rare that I even crave one. I only wish I had quit when I was younger and healthier.

My husband has willingly gone into the garage to smoke. However my not smoking has helped him to reduce his heavy smoking. HTH's and best wishes. Find the strength if you can.

Deb, I am on the same page as you, I have smoked for decades, I was in hospital for months and of course could not smoke there, but I was stupid enough to start having a few when I came out although the doctors told me not to smoke or drink, my husband still smokes and I nag him into giving me some, not nearly as many as I used to smoke but I know I should not have any as it will send my blood pressure up, apart from the cancer danger. My daughter went ballistic when she found out, she has given up now and I know I have to stop again before I visit her next year when I am allowed to travel.

Drink is not so bad, I was not a heavy drinker but often enjoyed a glass or two of wine, but then my family doc said it was OK, in fact quite good for me, to have a splash of red wine (about a half glass) per day, topped up with ice and lemonade, it's refreshing and nice - but that's when I tend to smoke! So I know I have to stop the ciggies ... let's encourage each other!

Hugs, Sally