Starclose Device question

Hi all. I had a y-stent assisted coiling almost 4 years ago which was succesful. I have a Starclose device on the the femoral artery. The site bothered me quite a bit at the time. I find that even after all these years it seems to flare up if I am really active. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if so is there anything that can help it. Thanks!

Hi! Susan,Somewhere their is a balance to doing things we love but not to over do it.I think you should listen to your body.
Iam sorry but glad not to be the only one to over do things.Good Luck!Hope you feel better.:rose:

Thanks Teresa-I do overdo it sometimes. I have a fear of becoming a couch potato if I don’t push things a little bit. It is good advice though.

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