Spouses job

Has anyone had to deal with their spouses employer who has an issue with taking time off to deal with doctors appts, kids, unhealthy spouse, etc...? I think my husband is but he is trying not to stress me out by telling me everything that is going on..



Hi VJ...after exhausting all of his vacation and PTO time, my husband took a family leave from his job at Ford Motor Company. He was able to take 16 weeks off and they held his job for him. I do believe there are laws that require employers to grant leave for family emergencies but I am not sure if they are a state by state thing or not...if you google the subject there are lots of resources online. Kudos to your husband for not wanting to stress you out - you don't need the stress but you can help by doing some research online..knowledge is your friend..Good luck in your search.

Take Care,