Son had aneurysm age 9 - any financial help available?

Hi, I’m new here. My son had a ruptured aneurysm over 5 years ago, when he was 9. It was a pretty grim time as you can imagine. Thanks to the fantastic team at Great Ormond St, he has made an amazing recovery, but does still suffer symptoms and is under 3 departments at Gosh, 5 years on. Plus visits to our local hospital (10 miles away.) I’ve never claimed any support for this, as assumed there wasn’t anything that isn’t means tested (we would JUST be over the income allowance.) Over the last 5 years, it’s cost me about £3000 in terms of lost earnings, stays in hospital, train fares, food and drink in hospital, childcare/help with other son etc. Last week we had an apt at Gosh, and the day cost me the best part of £90 with early morning train fare (couldn’t use network card), parking, food and drink.

My younger son has been diagnosed with epilepsy this year - unrelated, apparently, just bad luck! Cue double the number of hospital appointments, days off work when he has seizures etc.

Does anyone know of any financial help that’s available, to help with the cost of Aneurysm son’s treatment? It’s clear that we’re in for many more years of London hospital visits, as he’ll transfer to Queen’s Square when too old for Gosh. We’re not well off, but just over the income threshold for any benefits. It does make things very tight at times.


I read your post but I’m not the right person to help you.
however, i have a son with 7y that in May this year had a ruptured aneurysm . By now we are in a rehab center .
Had also a aneurysm in left pca .
In your case , 5 years have past … What were the main sequels in first year and what have your son by now ?