Something weird but believable

This is somewhat weird but maybe not so much considering what my brain has been through. I always loved the oder of the purple bottom Poison perfume but have always hated the oder of the green bottle version. I've had the green bottle version sitting around for years and every so often I try it just to make sure I still hate it. I tried it today (8 months post SAH, coiling and shunt) and I really like it now. I really like it! I feel like Sam I Am!

LOL ... Made me smile...~ Thanks a bunch ~ Colleen


I don't know if its odd or not...but you just cleared something up for my (late) mother-in-laws medicine cabinet, i came across 3 bottles of Poison..two purple and one green...i didn't even know they made a green... Now I have to go and take a 2nd look at the Green bottle, (I like Poison but the purple one reminds me too much of my MIL)

Thanks Shay, I might've just come up on some new perfume ! lol

Glad I gave you another option Janet. I actually tried the purple after I showered this evening for comparison. I'm really liking the green better. I don't know if it is still available. I did a quick google search and only saw purple and red (didn't know about the red). I'm sure when I run out of the green I'll be able to find it on eBay.