Something odd

Hi there, I know it’s been a while but so many strange things of happened that I just haven’t even had time to check in.
This year has been a rough one as far as my life goes… I just lost my father a few months ago. But anyway onto what I am talking about here. I had a car accident in February and they did a scan and my aneurysm was two. 5 mm. It’s a wide neck pericolazal aneurysm.
A week ago I was walking across the casino and I started getting a backache. I sat down and my stomach started to hurt. I went to go to the bathroom because I thought that was my problem. It was not. I started walking to leave and I felt like I was trudging through mud. Just sloth sloth. I got to the machine to cash out and I can barely hold onto the machine because my ears were ringing and everything seemed fuzzy.
I was able to make it over to a chair, but was still very confused. I never throw up. It’s not some thing I do. I have problems with nausea but not actually throwing up and I threw up all over the machine. Anyway, paramedics came took me into the ER… Ran a whole bunch of tests and all they could say is that I thought it was a bad case of vertigo which I get but my vertigo is nothing like this.
But what I found interesting is when I went back and I looked at the scans they said that my aneurysm was 3.2 mm up from 2.5. I know that doesn’t seem like much growth but does any of this have to do with anything?
Do they do endovascular coiling at 3.2?

Thank you!

Hey @Abbycat70! That was some bad case of vertigo! As for size, I think it has to do more with location, type and the ratio of neck size to aneurysm size. I am not a brain surgeon or even in the medical field!

I can tell you when I ruptured it was a 5mm multi-lobed aneurysm on the LICA bifurcation. On this last repair, the radiologist had the neck at a smidgen under 4mm so back in I went.

Have you called to see your neurosurgeon? Might be best to get a better educated answer.

I still miss my Dad at times and he’s been gone since 2015…

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I did call my neurosurgeon and showed him all of my findings. He went back and looked at my scans and said yes it’s definitely increased in size. So, they are going to be presenting my information to their medical board on Tuesday when they have meetings to look at over and see what they might want to do.
I think the biggest problem was that it was in a very rare spot or a rare aneurysm because of the type and the fact that it’s a wide neck.

They may do nothing at all but it’s always a good idea to ask.


That’s great you’ve already reached out to your Neurosurgeon! I imagine there a bit of concern with it growing. Do you think he will want an angiogram to make sure before they try coiling?

I remember two large studies being done years ago and there was great controversy between them. There has since been many more papers and studies written since then. The researchers are learning to measure size of neck and aneurysms a bit differently, I think it’s diagonally, don’t quote me. I also think the devices and means for imaging has improved dramatically. Many members have 3D measurements now. Instead of researchers saying they won’t look at certain types, they’ve learned to look at them all. When and if you do some internet searching, try to stay with studies that have happened in the last five years due to the currency of them. In my opinion, studies that are older are interesting but may be no longer statistically significant.

Please keep us posted, we don’t often have members with a pericallosal artery aneurysm that I’m aware of.