So sorry to be among the missing

Hi, guys - I am so sorry I haven't been here to help support all of you. I, like so many of you, became overwhelmed with everything and it was hard for me to be active in anything.

The good news I received last week (I finally went back to my neuro for the followup to my angio in February). He told me that the stent moved the night of the surgery (after reviewing the MRA they did the day after my surgery), but is still doing it's job. He was worried about movement initially, but because it has not moved since, it is fine for now. My annie is nice and white, which means no blood! I will have another follow up in August, but an MRA to begin with. If no problems, I will have yearly angios for the first several years, then he will go from there. He did tell me I could stop the Plavix, which is nice. Yay!

I won't stay away so long - I have thought about everyone and hope you all are doing well and will catch up to all of you the next few days.

Love to all,


Hi Sherri, you need to take care of you first and do what you need to for yourself. Glad to hear things are good for you and take care. It’s good to hear from you.