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So many symptoms! Annie pressing on pituitary gland

I have been unwell for 7+ years, all kinds of unwelcome symptoms, I have repeatedly asked doctors if it was my pituitary gland as this explains most of the symptoms. 4 years ago 2014 I had an MRI, radiologist advised 3mm indent to right front lobe of pituitary gland, maybe an aodema, he recommended further investigation, my GP sent me to an endocrinologist she said nothing is wrong your wasting my time basically. I have been fighting with doctors for 4 years for further investigation.

Finally my new Dr sent me again, nothing on initial MRI apart from similar indent, no Tumor, the amazing young fellow who did the MRI said I am not happy with this result, with your symptoms it just doesn’t add up. He checked with his supervisor and I was called back in two days later for MRI on blood vessels and sure enough I now have a 4.3mm Annie pressing against my pituitary gland it was 3mm 4 years ago, so slow growing.

I have an unrelated eye disease where I will eventually be basically blind, my Natropath is all about forgetting the past and stress and looking forward, I am listening to her and remaining positive.

I’m booked to see the neurosurgeon soon, no idea what the outcome will be, terrified but relieved to finally have an answer is my present state of mind. I really want all the symptoms to be resolved and now an aneurysm to deal with.

Pretty confused right now. I have 3 amazing grown up children, I am happily single. I am so sad and scared for my kids right now, they have had some scary stuff to deal with in their lives, I hate to see them so worried.

Really grateful to the young man at QLD X-ray I took him chocolates lol. He is my life saver!

Does anyone have an experiences with their Annie pressing on the pituitary gland?

Cheers Suzyq

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Good for you for pushing the doctors to further look into everything! Also, you’re very lucky they are finding it before it ruptures. I haven’t had that particular experience, but I will be sending thoughts and prayers your way for sure!

Hi Suzy,welcome to the community, Well my Annie has no symptoms, but it marked my life forever. well maybe i was not conscious about it then, that some headaches and tirey feeling is one of the symptoms of Aneurysm.(this is based to my reseaches now i know that it was Annie) and from what you were saying “pituitary gland” its very specific part of our brain affecting our hormonal functions in our body. well its not for me to say this I’m not a Dr. though, I’ve been an enthusias on finding how and what have caused it.but i still can’t find a sure answer on this but" i think only God knows the answer". Suzy i have 3 kids too but we have to be their source of strength we have to be tough on this fight.As i always say"BE A WARRIOR NOT A WORRIER". Happy to say that I survived my Annie 15 years and counting.God Bless.