Six month checkup

I had my aneurysm coiled in Sept. He was going to stent but stated artery was too small to stent so had to coil. I have my 6 month check up coming up. Is this usually another angiogram, MRA or what. I don’t know what to expect and getting nervous.

Hi. When I had my ruptured aneurysm coiled back in 2005, my 6 month follow-up was an angiogram procedure to make sure everything was okay. It all depends on what your doctor would like to have done. It may just be a regular follow-up visit, testing, or angiogram. It is normal to feel nervous. Just breathe and trust what your doctor decides to do. Good luck!

Thank you.

Hi, I had my aneurysm treated in Dec. with 21 coils and 2 stents. I just had my first follow up last week with an appointment with the doctor who did the procedure. My next follow up will be in 6 weeks. I’ll be having an MRI that time before seeing the doctor. This follow up and the next one are to make sure everything is fine. Hoping all goes well for you.