Silly fears?

So i was diagnised with a 3mm annie a few months ago. I have had my angiogram and met with my Doctor to review all my options. For now I felt waiting and watching was the right decision for me. I beleive God wants me to learn to have more fatih & patience in my life lol

Anyway - during the time since I found out I have been thinking those thought - Why me? how did i get it? when will it rupture?

I did smoke for 16 years but have been smoke free for 8 years this month. I am in very good health (no medications) and even then the nurse during my Angiogram comments on how great my heart, oxygen and blood pressure are.

So that leaves me this big question - What can I do to help this thing NOT rupture?

The only thing I could think of to help was to stop drinking caffiene - is this silly? anyone else out there stop doign things becasue they think it will help or hurt the annie?

I also am having second thoughts about excersising or going to the gym - silly irrational fears or good choices?

sorry for my bad spelling :(

Lynn I also wonder the same things:(

Those are not silly fears- I think we all think the same things when are first diagnosed. I know all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and I wished I had a bubble around me. I was afraid that everything I did was going to cause it to rupture. (I had mine coiled last year at my angio). If your doctor felt that the waiting approach was right for you, then he/she feels that it is stable. Of course, double check with them if they have any restrictions for you. The thing is, you still want to keep your body healthy- probably one of the best things to do. Yes, going to the gym while you are there is raising your blood pressure but overall, it is keeping you healthy. I am not sure of the caffeine, unless you drink a zillion coffees a day :-). I know it is scary but don't put your life on hold-


Well, I agree, most of us have experienced your same fears. At first I was like you, I stopped going to the gym gave up coffee and felt like I should just stay at home. After a while, I said to myself, I want my life back!! So i went back to they gym (didn't over do it) started drinking coffee and just decided to make the best of this bad situation. I try to keep my stress down and BP (am on meds for that now, but wasn't before the diagnosis) and just hope things work out for the best. Tomorrow I have mine coiled and am very anxious about it. The angiogram showed a weakening so they moved me up a bit. We weren't going to watch it but treat it. I found out about mine in eary March of this year so haven't had to think about it too much. But it sure seems a long time. Hang in there and try to do things that make you happy. :)

When you first hear the diagnosis, you actually can’t move for a few minutes. Then you think " why am I still here if I have this thing?" I lived with a 16mm one for 5 years now. It was monitored. No growth, but it did impact my life. I changed a few things. My heart rate could not go above 100 for more than 15 minutes at a time. It is possible to live a great life even with one. I have, but Ive decided it need to get treated now. Just be at peace with whatever choice you make…none of them are easy choices. Best of luck!

Kelly B

My doctor told me to continue exercising but to avoid lifting heavy weights. You should probably talk to your doctor too. I know the fear too. I just had mine clipped after being diagnosed in January.

Hi again! My dr did also tell me no heavy lifting. The other thing that has helped me (this is for the fear that something will happen while I'm out and about) I have a business card in my wallet of my drs name and have written on it "known aneurysm" with my name and what hospital to take me too. It should help with getting treatment quickly. Some days the anxiety of something happening (ie, a rupture) gets the best of me! So this may help you too if that's the case to at least live your life somewhat normally. I hope after tomororw that will come to an end.

Be well,


What was the size of your aneurysm? Mine is 3.5mm and I was told it could be watched. I'm scared of having the surgery if I don't have to right now.

Eula J

I wore a medical alert bracelet. I travelled a lot. It had my name, my condition, my doc and his number. It did bring some price if mind when I was out and about.


Hi Lynn,

As others have written, your fears are not silly. But, please don't worry about "why" it happened to you. No one knows. The nurse's comments are signs of encouragement so if your doctor agrees with the waiting and watching, I would be inclined to follow his recommendation.

When my annie ruptured back in the "dark ages", 1969, the conventional wisdom was to not over exert yourself. So, exercise was not encouraged. Fortunately, that has changed.

Personally, I've never been a smoker and I've avoided hormones. I do try to make sure my blood pressure stays in the lower side of normal range. This was advice given to me 35 years ago when it was discovered that I had a total 3 unruptured annies. I've lived with the unruptured annies ever since then and I exercise, dance, travel, sing, make love and all the rest. I drink regular coffee daily. So, what I'm trying to say is to try to live a normal life.

I've worn a Medic Alert bracelet since 1970 - it helps to give you a sense of security that someone will be able to get help should you need it.

Listen to what your body is telling you and if something seems off, first ask yourself what did you do that was different. Most of your reactions won't have anything to do with your annies.

Re: "I beleive God wants me to learn to have more fatih & patience in my life lolI": I recommend prayer and/or meditation. Giving thanks for all the blessings that you have received, no matter how small, will surely lift your spirits. If you need help with this, just look around you when you're out and about. :-) But, I think you know this already.

Take care and may God grant you his peace.


Carole - Again your words make me feel better - thank you and this forum for keeping me sane and informed :)

Hi Lynn,

I'm glad that I can be helpful.


Hi Judie,

Hope you are doing well. Just read your Bio. How large was your Anni.? I have 2, one is 4mm and the other is 2 mm. I am having a CTA next week to recheck the size. My Doctor just wants to wait and see. My Mom died at 55 from this. I am getting anxious.

How are you feeling now. Does every one have an angiogram,I have not had one. Would appreciate any advice.

Hi Lynn,

My name is Amy & I too have a 3mm annie:(

I just found out this May. I had 3 opinions. First wanted to do surgery, 2nd & 3rd said to wait.

This is such a scary thing to go through, I often think of those things. I wear a medical bracelet now with my name, my husbands number & my condition. It makes me feel a little better. Im a stay at home mom with a 3 year old and when I'm out and about I get so afraid that something might happen. BUT, I do believe that faith, prayer & trusting in God is what has gotten me through the last 3 months. I go back in Nov for another CT and if nothing changes I will have it monitored over the next 3 years. The dr said that if it stays the same and because it is so small, that I will have a )% chance of rupture! Deciding what to do has bee hard:( will be thinking and praying for you:)

Amy - I made my decision to watch & wait and have been at peace with it. Yes, I still fear the unknonw and that it wil rupture - but I have to tell myself I cannot control that and must live myself the same.

I was originally going to have the PED done - I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T. JUst read a post on saturday on this sight about a patiant from Stony Brook (new york) which was at the hospital and used th same doctor I have - the post stated the PED is still too new and showing issues. The paticular article and paitient ended up having majot problems and passed away :(

I don't like having this thing in my brian but also do not want to put myself, body, mind, soul & family at unneeded risk.

GOD will make sure you make the best decision for you :) and we all here will pray

Hi Carole,

Very inspiring story! Just wondering, how big are the annies that you have lived with for 35 years?

hello! Miss Mercury,

I have one 5mm and two 2mm annies.


Those are not silly fears. I lived with my 16mm Annie for 5 years. There was no treatment for mine yet at thst time. They tell you to live normally …how? You question everything you do. It got very hard for me. I got more anxious as the years went by. The best advice I can give you if you choose to just monitor it, is to do alot of meditation. It will help calm your mind and nerves. Good luck and God bless :slight_smile:


My aneurysm was found Nov 2009 due to cerebral hemmorage. I can tell you it is scary and the questions never end for me. I know all things happen for a reason. I am alive today and lucky to be here because of my wonderful neuro surgeon & God.

My advice to you is see a excellent dr that you are comfortable w/and listen to everything they tell you. Listen and if you are not at peace w/their words, suggestions, procedures then get 2nd opinion. I was at peace w/my neuro surgeon he is the best in the world for me and voted on by others. He explained things so clearly and answered questions so clearly I am very knowledgeable. I saw videos, read articles info he gave me to read. So please seek info and medical guidance from dr

The only way to keep it from rupturing is to coil it or clip it.

Yes caffeine can cause issues as well.. I was drinking 7 cokes a day I am down to 1 a day. Caffeine can cause headaches and headaches/migraines can cause blood vessels to constrict and spasms so that can cause pressure on the aneurysm so get advice and see a good dr.

I take life easy after have craniotomy and clipped aneurysm and I watch what I do, eat and take life a lot easier than I use to so get advise from neuro surgeon you trust.