Side effects from Plavix


My sister had a stent placed on her aneurysm just little over a week ago. She was released from hospital 3 days ago. Her doctor prescribed her Plavix. Unfortunately she is feeling nausea for last 2 days after taking it. Did anyone else have the same issue? Is it normal?

Hi Irina

I too had a stent and coil procedure last Friday …I came home on Monday been on the plavix one week before the procedure and I’m still on it now with aspirin I feel fine and I’m going back to work on Tuesday

Thanks jimmy

Thanks a lot again! I really appreciate your time.

When I was on plavix ... I had nausea...however, I already had stomach issues ... so they attributed it to my stomach...


Thanks for your reply. Did you have to stop taking plavix due to nausea?

If not how did you cope with nausea?