Should unruptured brain aneurysm patients be self isolating if they have unstable blood pressure? I also have auto-immune thyroid disease; I think each issue individually doesn’t mean self isolation.

FeeFo call your PCP. Mine said due to my aneurysm coilings, my back surgery and my allergy induced asthma, it puts me in the high risk group. The pharmacist didn’t think I was, but I’ve since been diagnosed with an auto immune disease, he said yes I am. My dentist office had even called several months ago to ensure I was self isolating or wearing a mask. He’s a kind young man and he has kept the same staff as my original dentist who retired.

I agree with Moltroub, follow the recommendations of your PCP. That said, I think a lot of doctors are going to air on the side of isolation. It is a conservative and safe response. But you can’t isolate forever. I think that is where you would be sure to follow the other advice of social distancing and face masks and hand washing and disinfecting. If you are careful, you should be able to introduce yourself back into society slowly. Just be careful and safe.

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