Can anyone tell me when the head tingling will stop ? Its been abou 3 years

I hope someone can answer you...

I donot have head tingling so I can't be of any help...~ Sorry...Colleen

When the weather changes there is sensitivity. From what I’ve read this seems normal

I'm just at one year. I definitely have a bunch of different sensations through the half of my head that had the surgery. Sometimes tingle, sometime sharp, sometimes just dull sensation. It has changed over the year, but I certainly have no idea when, if ever, it will go away completely. We all have such individual sensations that I think the answer will work out individually too.

Did you have to go through driving rehab? I did. Also the complete driving test. Passed no problem. I was back to work one month afteri left hospital. Too stubborn to let it beat me. How about you?

I never experience headaches before my coiling...since then I have a few a month...(migraines)...they happen often if there is a big weather change...that is so true...~ Colleen