Seeking another opinion on treatment

My mother was diagnosed with an aneurysm a few weeks ago. She had a pituitary adenoma which seems to have actually shrunk upon last MRI. But after the MRI to track the progress of the adenoma they found what they thought may be an aneurysm. She had a CTA which confirmed a 2mm aneurysm. She is scared to death. She had a family H/O aneurysms( grandfather and 2 brothers) she also has hypertension. She worried it may rupture at any time. Although her neurologist is worried about the abnormal shape he still advised her to watch it and have regular exams to check for growth. She had a second opinion and this doctor advised she take care of it due to family history and high blood pressure. One doctor said he advises against coiling the other seems to think it may be a possibility. She is conflicted because she has one doctor saying one thing and another saying something else. I get the feeling she wants to treat but is scared of the outcome of surgery and all of the things that go wrong(stroke).etc her cardiologist referred her for a second opinion because he was worried about her risk factors. She wants to seek a third opinion so I am asking if anyone knows the best place and neurosurgeon she can go to see to decide if she should consider surgery or not. I've heard the names of Duke, Univ of Va, Mayo clinic, Johns's Hopkins. She lives in Lexington,Ky. I live in the Atlanta,Ga area. We are willing to travel to seek the best. Any opinions would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.


Hi Shanta...You named all good places...but it comes down to your mom's deciding what is best for her...I will pray that she can make the best decision for her...~ Cyber~prayers Colleen

Thank you:)

She is 58 years old. She is a worrier. And I get the feeling she wants to have it treated but is afraid of the outcome. She is planning on getting an angiogram to get a better view of the aneurysm and then decide what to do. Is it true the smaller it is the easier it would be to get to it surgically and possibly less complications ( as opposed if it were bigger )?

Elke-Thanks. I'm so happy that you had the surgery and are on the road to recovery. I will share with her what you said. I told her that her faith my be bigger than her fear if she truly wants to have it treated. I will be there every step of the way.

Sue- That is her plan. She is scheduled to have the angio in the next week or so. I told her at some point she will need it so may as well do it know so they can have a clear picture. Are there any complications that can occur from the angio? I've read there is always the possibility of stroke and i also heard of one case there the aneurysm burst during the angio. Thanks for the prayers