Seeing my doctor, eight years after

I had an AVM, cerebral bleed and craniotomy eight years ago and just last week I saw my doctor, and my main question centered around the long term survival of a craniotomy.

I have often read that many craniotomy patients had problems with severe headaches after ten years post operation, and many do not survive long term, so I asked my doctor about this. He looked at me and the first thing he said was that the worst problem for people like myself was not severe headaches, but usually seizures. He then asked me if I had suffered any recent seizures, and I said no, and then he asked me if I had suffered any recent severe headaches, and I said not so far. I also asked him if headaches were not surely a bad sign for us, and he said that they could be a bad sign for anyone, and they should be reported to one's physician, but he wanted to know first about any seizures I had, so he could treat me.

Next I told him about my friend who years ago had told me about his son, who had suffered brain damage in a car accident. One day, he got royally drunk, as young people sometimes do, and he suffered a seizure which seemed to open the door for more seizures. This was why I had not had even had a sip of alcohol since my operation. Was this accurate? He told me that too much alcohol could bring on a seizure, and I was right to be careful, but a very small drink every so often would not hurt me. I just told him that I had rather stop cold turkey, thank you!

Then he told me that I should have a good chance to survive this long term, but of course it is difficult to be 100% sure.

I hope that some of this is helpful to others, and I wish the best for all our survivors at this website!!!