Sean's update

Day 38

So Sean has just become more aware of what is going on in the last 9 days. He is opening his eyes and had started using his left hand, so my daughter had taught him to finger spell-"Y"for yes and and"N" for No last week. Finally we could begin communicating with him. And he is aware of what is happening and his memory is in tact. Is is great to know if he is hurting and where. The aneurysm rupture caused blood to pool behind his retinas so his vision is blurry and it has caused vertigo with nausea and vomitting. Physical therapy has been slow here and the family has worked hard on moving his arms and legs and little by little he is moving and we are ready to go to rehab . We are looking forward to the new Sean. Mayo is conducting research in brain aneurysms and the possible genetic involvement, Sean has voluntered for this research in hopes it will help others.

Noel. Sounds so similar to my story four years ago. My vision slowly came back and I can see, I remember when I was finally able to read and was so excited. I can walk too, I still have some balance issues. Nausea is less frequent and the vomiting did finally end. I drive, work a full time job and just about everything else I did. Such good news, hang in there it is a long road but one that is worth it and changes all if us involved. You aee all in my thoughts and prayers

So great to hear that Sean is on the path to recovery, positive thinking, patience and the love of his family will help him on his journey and welcome the New Sean.

Best Wishes


Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is such good news keep in mind...Sean still has a long journey...but what a remarkable son you have...Even though I haven't been around BAF in a few weeks...I have had Sean in my Thoughts and Prayers...!


life will just get better n better …each pc of progress he makes…God has got him by the hand guiding him to recovery…slow n easy,careful not to rush…hes gonna be fine…God bless n prayers for continued recovery n a life of happiness n wonderful sound mind w/sound body…

YES! This is great news! The road to recovery may be long and hard but Sean is on it. It takes time to build new neuronic pathways . We are all pulling for him. Please don’t forget to drop us a line every now and then to let us know how Sean is doing.