Has anybody had their screw come thru their skin on the skull!! Does that do that or am I crazy!! ha ha Just a little scared.

Thanks so much


Hi Carolyn...Becky is right...I remember others too, but my advice to call your Doctor and let them take a look...rather be "safe then sorry"...


When I read this ... all I could do is go "Ouch"...

Gotcha in my Thoughts....keep us posted...Fondly, Colleen

I can feel my screws under my skin and they don’t seems to be very secure. lol I was telling my mom and she said “Well Kris… you’ve always had some screws loose.” lol I guess I’d rather have a few loose screws that have them cut back into my head to fix them!

How true Kristin. They don't really bother me just make places on my head and of course I scratch.I should not even complain after how blessed I am.The people on here are amazing with what they go thru

so yeah I think I can take a few screws loose ha ha Thanks for reply God Bless you sweety!!!

the main thing is if your screws are loose…lol…an amazing blessing to have survived this experience…were all walking miracles…God bless you n wish you continued recovery and sustaining your well being

You know, I swear I got a couple that are starting to push out, crap it kinda hurts… I’m getting the black an decker and fixing it right now… LOL Could you see it now, I’ll be the next youtube star…

Well that was already an issue before I was clipped… :slight_smile: