Screening for family members

Thoughts on family screening? I know it says every 5-10 years, but family Dr. doesn't believe it is necessary since I have had one MRI since my mother was diagnosed with an aneurysm. Since then my sister was screened and they had found she had one as well. My mother had the coiling procedure done and sister clipping. Sister is also a breast cancer survivor..Strong woman!!! Are most neurologists for screening every 5-10 years? Mine was 6 years ago.


Considering your close family history, I would think your doctor would suggest screening at shorter intervals closer then 6 years.....It seems rather chancey to let 6 years go by without getting screened. Are you seeing a Neurologist for an unrelated health issue? I've undergone 2 clippings as well as a coil procedure and I've never had an appointment with a Neurologist. A NeuroSURGEON, yes. but never a Neurologist.

You have to be your own advocate when it comes to these things, they may think everything is fine with you but to be on the safe side, I'd sure push to get another screening done. Just my opinion, good luck, Janet

Hi family girl~i would call your nuerosurgeons office your family dr should have advised this.this is way out of his league---no offense. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers--ps i'm remembering something i read on here that it is increased for those with 2 or more close relatives who have annies~~ we must be our own advocates- don't be shy about this- call them please~

Hi Family girl

Ronnie said it perfectly, Don't be shy ! !

When I was told by my family dr. i would never need another one again as its something you are born with I was a bit concerned. I was not happy with the information I received and questioned my family dr. on the info that was presented to me. I have been researching this site which is awesome as I was very interested in starting an event(walking/running ) for awareness. I will be seeing a neurosurgeon in a few weeks in regards to screenings.

Thanks Jo

I actually have an appt. soon with a neurosurgeon to discuss this so hopefully things will work out. I have been pushing this screening issue for a couple of years now, and really want to have the proper screening for myself and moreso my children. My other sister finally goes next week to a neurolgist to talk about a first time screening for herself.....

I don't know the standard, but I do know that if your mom and sister both had brain aneurysm's you should be checked periodically.

My concern with screening is that at the time of the MRI/MRA you may not have in aneurysm and the next day you could have a hemorrhage. In the future one might just put off the symptoms as just a headache and it may not be caught in enough time. I think the biggest thing is for all family member to know what the symptoms are and know what to do if they get them. Again this is just my opinion.

Met with neurosurgeon today and wasn't pleased with the answeres on screening. It was said chances of having an aneurysm after 40 is slim especially if I have had an mri already within the last 6 years. iF I didn't have one then then very slim chance of ever developing one. Says you are born with a weak artery which can then lead to an aneurysm. This is so confusing from what I read on this site and what I am being told. So does not recommend screening ever again for myself. My sister neurologist recommends the family to be screened every 2-5 years, my other sister who is getting screened very soon met with a neurologist and said she will be screened only the once and that her children never have to be screened because its only first degree. The dr I said today said both my kids should be done at 25 and only once. So so many different opinions and not sure how I can go about getting a screening every 5-10 years which I would be more comfortable with. I am definitely getting my kids checked.

I am also confused by his answer since the average age for an aneurysm is between the ages of 40-60. I don’t know the particulars of how often you should be checked but I know 11 years ago neurologists did an MRI after a TIA and they did not see an aneurysm then. I am almost 49 now and had an aneurysm clipped last September and another one wrapped. I think I would see your sisters neurologist that recommends screening every 2-5 years. Or course that is just my opinion. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
~ Carol

Better to be safe rather then to be very sorry...I think it would behoove you to find another Doctor who is better versed in the occurance of aneurysms, as there are numerous people here who can tell you that thier aneurysms were found/occurred/bled (what have you) at ages well beyond 40 years old. I had an aneurysm at age 36 and they didn't see any others...well at age 44, an aneurysm ruptured and put me in a coma for 6 weeks...

Your family history speaks volumes...(Problem is, some of these doctors just can't read!) Peace, Janet

Hi Familygirl I had first Aneurysm 21 years ago and i kept having tests which were clear for years then I stopped having them so often then about 2006 I had a test all clear and then in 2010 another test and this one showed another new Aneurysm so I would have tests I also have my son tested. God Bless

Thanks for all your responses, this really helps in making my decision of wanting a second opinion. Unfortunately I cannot see the same dr as my sister as she is on the other end of the country. (I wish I could) It's just funny how so many dr.s can have such a difference of opinion on this matter. I have had a pain in my eye the last year as well and thought it might have been my eyes(which I haven't been to the eye specialist) in about 20 years) eyes were checked and they said pain would not be from that unless pressure is up that particular day. I do realize pain in eye can be a sympton, but never mentioned it until the other day to this particular neurosurgeon and I said I am having eye pain could this be a sympton of a ba and he said straight up no, there usually are no symptons until it ruptures.....I was thinking yes I know thats why I would like to be screened. So I guess I will try to work on this and hope I can get this resolved.