Scheduled for angiogram

Was excited that my appointment with a neurosurgeon was moved up due to a cancellation, he was very nice. I didn’t learn much more than I already learned from Google. Although he said it was larger than what my pcp told me. 3-3.5mm on the top of my basilar artery. He wanted to do an angiogram and he said he can tell me more than. He said something about being able to tell then if it was smooth or bumpy. Does anyone know what that means? I’m disappointed I couldn’t find out more, if he couldn’t tell from the MRA he couldn’t tell. Now to wait til July 15. Thanks for any info.

I can only venture a guess, based on what they told me about my annie. Instead of just being a smooth round shape, mine was sort of "lobed", like a morel mushroom. I brought home a picture of it,taken during my angiogram.