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Scary thing


I was driving home from work the other day and I suddenly got this intense sharp pain in my head. It was quick, sharp and fast. It left very soon after it happened but for just a moment I was frightened that something had happened. Has that ever happened to anyone?

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Hey Abbycat,
Yes, I do get such sudden pain and I have to say rather regularly unfortunately. Sometimes it seems it maybe related to something else I was doing, other times I’ll just be sitting and all of a sudden someone stabs me. Luckily it does dissipate, but on a couple of occasions it has not and my wife has taken me to hospital just in case, only for the dr’s to look at us as if we’re a bit crazy and send us home again.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


7 weeks post-op and it happens to me daily, assumed it was just part of the healing process. Feels like someone just stuck an ice pick into my head but it is very brief and diminishing in frequency.

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I had something you described 2-3 times . It lasts about 3 seconds , feels like a needle going through my brain .

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Oh yes… i had ruptured annie on 16 Jun 2016. Coiled then with class 2 outcome. I had these sharp stabbing pains at about 20 times per hour for the first year but MRI showed class 3 outcome at 12 months so 2nd coiling event happened shortly after. Suddenly dropped to 10 times per day and is now less intense and about 5 times per day. I call these “spikes” and they now freak others out more than me when they happen. This is part of my new normal. Better than pushing daisies! I am hopeful they will continue to become less painful. For now Acetaminophen works well. It may take a while but it does get better.


This August 25th, 2019 will be two years since my two aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, and I still get sharp pains, as well a headache every single day. At first it frightened me, but now I just pay attention to how long it last.

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Yep, I know that feeling. I’m 9 years post crani in May. It will get better!


Hi all I just had my second un ruptured Annie coiled on April 11th 2019 it was more scarier than the first one I had coiled in 2014. I too get those headaches very painful sometimes in my right eye as well is this common ? Does anyone know why we get these kind of pains? my neorosurgeon says it’s uncommon but seems like it’s very common. I also have a question for Kperry
What Does class 2 outcome mean?


@kperry what does class 2 outcome mean ?


Hi, I had the same experience with a sharp pain on the top left side of my head after my 2nd unruptured annie was clipped. Mine happened just before an epileptic seizure… Felt like someone tapped me on the head with an ice pick. Awful fright. I told the neurosurgeon at my 6mth check up. A year later I had two tiny plates removed which were holding the craniotomy skull cap in place (as small as my fingernail). The procedure was done in a theatre while I was awake due to my epilepsy. I haven’t had that pain since - My thoughts at the time, it was mind over matter. Pardon the Pun, if I didn’t mind, it didn’t matter and I haven’t thought about it since either.

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Hi Abbycat70,

Yes, I get that pain sometimes. I had a brain aneurysm surgery in 2013. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. I’ve had it checked and have been told I am fine. Take care.


I had a subbarachnoid hemmorhage from an anuerysm about a year ago (April 2018), and had it coiled. I do get intense sharp pains in my head randomly. This happens several times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. It’s quite frightening, but goes away as quickly as it came.


I get a sharp in my head occasionally. Sometimes I think it’s sinus congestion, as we have sinus cavities in various parts of our face and head. The pain goes away quickly, so I don’t pay it too much attention. But it is scary anyway. If it didn’t go away quickly, I would call my doctor.


I had a ruptured brain aneurysm in April 2012, brain stem stroke and brain shunt replacement in May 2012. Ive been having tremendous back pain and finally had a MRI done on the spinal area. I have an aronoid cyst, not really sure what that entails but I go this week for further testing and ct scans (needles in spine with contrast). Anyone ever had this issue? Neurosurgeon stated it was a result from the brain bleed… We survivors know brain surgery should be a walk in the park compared to this but I am nervous, not sure why. Wondering if I am still dealing with trauma issues and just scared of the unknown. Need support and prayers… Subarachnoid hemorrhages change your life or it did mine… I am truly a very different person.


Class 2 means that it wasn’t as good as they think it should be having said class 1 means the outcome was as expected good and conversely class 3 means that the outcome was not as expected and not good. I hope that helps sorry I don’t have any further details


Yes it happens to me too. I told my Doctor he didn’t seem concerned. Still sucks and Kinda scary when you think about what we have been through.


Thank you


Ken, Do you know which name the class is under? For instance there is the Hunt and Hess as well as the Fisher and the Glasgow Coma just to name a few. But I think those are Grades…


I am sorry, from what i understand, the Hunt-Hess and Fisher grades are triage assessments of the SAH. The classes 1-3 as i understand are outcomes of the radiological intervention surgery… i will do some research


Thank you so much!