Sandra and the draining

What’s left after draining for 15 days…much better I’d say.

A year ago today- memories… I had a double rupture. Looks like your on the homeward stretch- getting woke up every 4 hours for mess still? That was the main thing I hated…

Meds not mess… oops

Hi Noel, that pic was taken 2 months ago. Been home now for awhile, doing pretty good. I have a shunt, that seems to be working out. The only pain, are the spams in the belly area. I just had a cat scan, back normal, accept for a nodule found on my left Adrenal. don't feel it has to do with my aneurism, but they want me to have an MRI to check it out. So having that done next week. My FU with Neuro won't be for another month.

A double one, wow! share with me what happend to you if you have time. But when in the ICU for 21 days, oh yes, every 4 hrs with meds. I got off the percosat shortly after I got home from the hospital, still take my Ibuprofin, 800 mgs. Otherwise doing good. Nice hearing from you by the way. God Bless and take care.