I am a proud daughter of a 53 years old woman, that had a ruptured brain aneurysm, two years ago. We are from Peru a Country in South America.
We being through a lot from disbelieve, hopeless thoughts and panicking to the point of lots of encouragements. Every improvement is a miracle.
She had many issues after being discharge from the hospital, they didn’t give us a manual to follow as how to deal with the immediate needs, first of all She couldn’t stop vomiting for half year that forced her to being fed with a feeding tube, She was not able to swallow any food even water for more than year and a half She was half conscious and would not talk much. Suddenly She was able to drink some juice her second favorite was strawberry yogurt but also She liked to chew olives but would no swallow it, The miracle happened when She was able to eat anything and no more feeding tube was needed after almost two years, that is her biggest achievement as for now, and She is talking more and says I am better now I am not sick anymore.
She still have issues with mobility our biggest concert is the pain that causes her left leg, after all these years with minor guidance her left leg end up with an atrophy. Doctors cannot tell us or give us a diagnosis even less advice us with a treatment that will relieve her pain.
There is more that I could write but I am short with words but I feel like I am in the middle of the journey of her recovery, for people that just started theirs my best wishes and no give up hope, for people that are in better situation and can give us advice as how to deal with her atrophy or specific treatments or ideas would be very appreciated.