SAH questions

My Dad died of a brain aneurysm on the 9th of September 2009. It was a shock as we didn't know he had it! Days before he had been sick, which we taught was a very bad flu, and after looking it up he had the signs of a rupture! He went to the doctor on the Monday and they said nothing!

I was told before he passed on he had told my Mom that he woke up with the worst head ache he has ever had! Yet the doctor didn't take notice.

Anyway, my questions.

Did he feel anything? - Went he collapsed on that morning he had seizure after seizure, in m heart I think he could hear and tried to respond, I was told by the doctors after that he would have been gone the moment it happened.

So.. Did it hurt? and was he aware of what was happening around him..

Thank you for any answers, I have tried the internet for these answers, but have not found anything.


Sorry to hear about your Father. I can speak to my wife's rupture SAH. She called me from her apartment 85 miles away in a state of panic. She did feel pain and had a similar experience as your Father. It was difficult to get her calm by phone so far away but I recognized something catastrophic occurred. She was able to contact some neighbor friends who saw something serious occurred and called 911. I finally caught up with her in a hospital about 90 minutes later. She survived and is now a different person made more perfect by what happened to her. Based on her experiences it was painful but she would agree that hindsight now won't serve any purpose other then to upset you. Trust in God that your Father served you and your family well and God allows him now to behold a beautiful home that you and I will one day enjoy as well.

I'm so sorry about your dad....from what i experienced with mySah, i can say that I recall nothing other then a dramatic jolt of pain in my skull and that was it. I remember nothing at all after that, and according to my colleagues at work where this happened, I kept apologizing to them for what had happened--but i recall nothing at all. And later down the line when I had trouble with the same aneurysm, I recall another jolt of pain just like the one before the sah, (called 911 and they came and got me..and in the ambulance the last words I remember then were "She's having a seizure"--although i remember thinking to myself, 'seizure? I'm not having a siezure!' --as I felt nothing at all, after which I recall nothing more til I came to at the hospital)....So, I do believe the mind is a powerful thing and blocks out a lot, so I'd say your dad felt very, very little..

I hope this helps you , i can understand your wanting an answer to this...(and considering this happened to your dad, I hope you and your siblings get scanned as these things can be hereditary in nature)..

Peace , Janet

Hi Jen,

So sorry to hear bot your dad. I can only tell you about my experience. I was leaning on the counter talking to my mom and then felt like everything was draining from my head. That is it for the next 2 week are a complete blank and the rest is just a moment here and there that I can remember. My sons says it look like I was having seizers and my mom did cpr not sure in what order but I had stopped breathing. So for me no pain. I hope this helps you....


i Jen, I have no memory of the entire day except a vague memory of stomach ache and boss said i left work at noon. But i don't recall a pain in head as everyone else seems to-that's the one good thing about pain - we cannot recall the way it felt and re live it, i think once we get to the near death stage the pain ceases because the nerve areas and receptors are disconnected, my mom said i was just out when they wheeled me to ambulance - not in any pain , just lifeless, as far as seizures go my sister never said they were painful just that she could tell one was coming and could feel herself "going away", like fainting i suppose. As for being aware- i was not, don't even recall ambulance, first hospital, copter etc etc but even in a coma they say to talk to the patient -they can hear it but just cant respond so i believe they feel our hands holding, voices and kisses, i hope this helps and i hope you are doing well today, take care~~

Again...I am so sorry about your loss...and hope you find some comfort from those here helping you...eventually with can hang on the good memories of dad...~ Colleen