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Ruptured Aneurysm and treatment

Exhaustive information on subject.

Yes they are often cited in not only research but in papers of discussion! The BA Foundation is who started this online support group:). When you have time, look at the webinars.


If you had a ruptured aneurysm and subsequent , I assume that you are still in the hospital. In my case, I had a rupture by the brain stem. The adverse affect of SAH is that it is an irritant to the brain tissue and can lead to vasospasm (constriction of vessel) which can result in a stroke. In my case, the ruptured aneurysm was coiled and the SAH was treated with Nimotop. I am not a medical professional so you need to rely on your physician. I was in the ICU for 18 days and 3 days in general room.

jib…I have no expertise…however, I can only ask - what the doctor(s) tld to you and which procedure, or delay, that was recommended by those quality medical doctors. What did they tell you about the artery it formed off? To what areas of the brain can be, have been, affected by any level of blood flow from the rupture - to what area(s) of the brain were affected by the blood rupture?
Did they offer any printed data that explains the variances in symptoms, and/or impact by or to which organs in the brain affected? What did he/she/they recommend?

It was SAH case. Anuerysm ruptured. Doctor recommended for FD plus coil.

I am not sure but twhat I understood with limited knowledge after reading few articles, meeting/discussing with some people who has better understanding of medical, a ruptured anuerysm has to be treated either with surgery or coiling. With medicine not possible to treat ruptured aneurysm. Surgery or coiling depend on location of anuersym. In my case coiling and stent was possible. Suregry not recommended because of location.

I’m a bit confused, did you have the coiling or was it a relative?

My relative had ruptured aneurysm. For that we did FD plus coiling treatment.

Thank you! I sincerely hope your relative is doing well! Remember healing takes a long time, be patient. If your relative has speech issues, give them time to find their words. From my own experience I would caution: Don’t give them the word you think they are looking for, it can lead to more frustration or sometimes shut the brain down for a bit in processing. When I say the wrong word, my family and friends will say something like, “ do you mean (and insert the appropropriate word). They also wait until I’m done with the sentence. Encourage them to be as independent as they can following the doctor’s orders.

Thanks. Yea doing well. I agree, need to be keep lot of patience bcs blood pressure need to maintain. Specially body takes little time adjust with foreign body added. One see lot of swings as well is experienced. That is the time patience play key role. I try to divert topic and keep calm. But honestly speaking, i read many articles on subject but still i do not get clear concrete answer that for ruptured aneurysm what are the only options for treatment.

can a ruptured aneurysm treated with medicine? Yes or No. if yes than what is the options.

For NO answer is clear either coiling or FD + Coiling or surgery.

I’m glad everyone is doing well Jig! I have never read where a ruptured aneurysm is just treated with medicine, with no follow up procedure. No one wants a re-bleed. The blood from the rupture mixes in with the cerebral spinal fluid and it takes a great deal of time for the body to flush it out.

From what I understand and experienced, a rupture goes into a very small space surrounding the brain called the subarachnoid space. Here’s a lot about the brain, but if you scroll down a bit you will see Fig 7 that shows the subarachnoid space.

When blood gets into this space which is already full of cerebral spinal fluid, CSP, there’s no room for expansion. The skull won’t allow it to go out, so the fluids push into areas of the brain and throughout the cavity that holds the CSF. Here’s an explanation of arteries from the spinal canal to and into the brain.

Knowing the location of a rupture can help to know where most of the damage will be if any. Not all of us have deficiencies after rupture, the majority do according to statistics.

The body tells the brain to coagulate blood where the rupture occurred, sort of like when you cut your finger and don’t need a bandage right away. The bleeding eventually stops, for some maybe a little faster than others which is why there are different levels of bleeding called the Fisher Scale. The surgeon goes in one of two ways, through the skull or through an artery to repair the aneurysm.

If we take the finger cut as an example, say it’s on a bend in the finger, every time the finger is bent, it opens up the wound. So without repair from a doctor, every time blood pushes up against the ruptured aneurysm, theoretically it makes it weaker and the chance of re-rupture becomes higher.

I hope this helps, and I hope other members add their knowledge.

Dear Moltroub,

Thanks for your wishes. Very well detailed covered. I was just guessing whether ruptured aneurysm can be treated with medicine.

Initially my SAH was treated with medicine to help control or stop the bleeding. Doctor went in the next morning and coiled it. I often wonder if my “too much blood” was caused by the aspirin therapy I was on for my heart.

From what I’ve read here, some locations of ruptures are never found and the person receives no coiling or clipping treatment. I believe if the doctor can find the cause of the rupture, they fix it so hopefully it doesn’t rupture again.

Here’s an in depth article about medicines, I’ve posted before.

Hi Moltroub,

Excellent article… but with advance technology, DSA one can easily find. But if there is more than one aneurysm then it is Doctor’s judgement. Doctor has to take a call that which one must have ruptured. Like in my case. There were 2. So which one ruptured was decided on size of aneurysm. Doctor said there are 2 but my MRI & CT scan nothing written about 2nd Aneurysm.

Hi, today I have 48 days from my last coiling, my aneurysm was 18 mm, large. Happened in January 1, 2019. I only felt a fluid running on the back of my head, I vomited a lot after that but I thought was the late New Year Eve dinner with pork.
No more symptoms , January 4, I felt my neck pulling me back, something weird ,them we went to the hospital, a CT scan showed the aneurysm and was confirmed with the MRI, after that I don’t remember anything else until January 15.
I had drainage from my head, when the fluid was clear I had a coiling, the Aneurysm had a wide neck, too large, the neurosurgeon sent me home, to wait 3 months to resolve the inflammation.
Now looks better and I had the new intervention 48 days ago.

Oh , I hope you feeling better and better every day …

Yes, I’m feeling better and 2 weeks ago I went to the ER because my blood pressure medication was changed, the good news was I had an CT scan and my neurosurgeon reviewed, he was happy because the healing process is going as expected.
Now waiting my new revision in August.

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Sounds like everything is going well sama67! I’m so happy for you. Were you coiled?

Yes, I was coiled but not were the aneurysm is, because the position didn’t allowed him to do it, he coiled the closest artery, is called flow diversion.

I had a ruptured aneurysm and was rushed into surgery. I don’t understand the delay in repair and why you have a choice. By the way I survived with limited residual damage.