Ruptured aneurysm and music?

I have played musical instruments most of my life. Mostly percussion and clarinet. I have played in jazz bands, church orchestras, etc. I have always been good at picking and keeping a rhythm and speed. yesterday, I played the drum set in church. Had a very difficult time keeping the speed and rythym. I finally had to watch the bass players foot. I had a ruptured aneurysm on the left side of my brain seven months ago. Have a small problem with speech and hearing. Anyone one else have this problem? its difficult to realize that something you enjoy and have done for years has suffered because of the aSAH

Hi Roy...I think it is great that you tried playing the drums...and I think it is good if you continue trying to play your instruments...but remember this takes time...and it has only been 7months from your ASAH...

~ Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

thanks Colleen, appreciate the encouragement. I just hope the bass player didnt think i was odd by staring at his foot. LOL made me smile Roy...Thanks a bunch...~

Hi Brian

I too had a ruptured brain aneurysm about 8 months ago. Although I don't play a musical instrument regularly I can tell you that my rhythm is a little off. I also stutter sometimes and have a hard time recognizing voices on the telephone. I'm hoping with time these things will improve. I wish you the same. Keep on playing and I'm sure with time your rhythm will be right back on track! : - )

Hi Roy,

Ruptures disrupt neuron circuitry so nothing is quite ever the same. My wife was a great smooth dancer prior to her rupture. In rehab it was so difficult to witness the profound change as she could not kick back a beach ball in a coordinated fashion. It took many years but she now has very acceptable form and fashion in her movements. I guess in this case practice, practice, practice. Good luck.