Rupture Site and Its Corresponding Neurological Deficit

Hi. My father had a 3.5mm neck, ruptured aneurysm last 2nd week of May. He was in Grade 4 coma scale when he was admitted to ER, it was bad according to docs. We’re thankful he has recovered somehow. His extremeties seems to be working though weak. His senses seem intact. It’s just that his reasoning and logic seems to be affected. He talks nonsense most of the time. We don’t get what he’s saying but he answers logically when asked.

As per the neurosurgeon’s report, he was coiled in the anterior communicating artery (ACom). And as per our observation, his neurological deficit seems to be his reasoning and logic. He’s not his old self. Is this going to change over time? Is there anyone here who was coiled or clipped in the anterior communicating artery? What’s the effect? Thanks.

hi there, i to had a ruptured aneurysm and another one which hadnt and the surgeons manage to coil both at the same time, i dont know to much about what went on ,i had this done may 23rd after been rushed in with the worst headache,im at home now but when i was in hospital i came out with things and my family would say no you havnt done that and i would get aggressive thinking they were lying to me so they just agreed on everything i said ,i didnt know this until i came out of hospital,even now i get memory loss,headaches and i get really tired the worst is when theres loud noises it starts my headaches off, i cant go into crowded places. im not back at work yet, i feel as though i cant go work because of people asking ,how you are and so on, i cant deal with that, i work in a shop ,so im thinking of changing jobs.the doctors say to me it could take 6 to 12 months before i get back to normal.

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your reply. It’s already remarkable that you’ll be going back to your work soon. And you’re even thinking of changing jobs despite what happened to you. Good thing my dad’s nearing retirement age so I think we’re gonna force him to retire hehe.

I guess it’s pretty normal for survivors to get tired so easily as the brain’s healing process takes a lot of energy already. My dad’s like that, he sleeps a lot, and gets tired so easily but I guess he has already accepted his situation now, we just don’t know if he understood what really happened to him. But we’ll explain it to him in details in time. Right now I don’t think he will understand it. But he acknowledges that he’s weaker than before, he feels he’s older by 10 to 20 yrs. But when asked of his age, sometimes he answers 28, 31, 42 but he’s nearing 60 hehe.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes, I can see now that he’s getting better with time. Just look at the brighter side of things I guess. :slight_smile: