Results: what does it all mean?

Hi guys,

Haven’t been on in a while. Hope everyone is well. I got my follow up scan 6 months since they did my coiling procedure on my 10mm sacular aneurysm.

My aneurysm was only partially filled as I have spindly arteries. I got a letter about my scan and I’m confused. No-one has explained this and hopefully you can shed some light.

“There is a little filling of the aneurysm. However this appears similar to the imaging at the end of the cooling procedure. We would like to look at This in more detail. We will see you for an angiogram in December.”

Any thoughts?


Anyone had this experience? :frowning:

Bloomsie...regret you are not getting responses... you may from the Group of survivors..

How did your initial med record explain the status?

Your note "similar to imaging at end of coiling" what was explained to you then? Were the images viewed/explained to you then... and at this time?

I am a believer in: "a picture is worth a thousand words"...yet "one picture will not tell the full story"..

What have the docs explained about the "spindly arteries"? And, was this explained to you way back when at the beginning of your diagnosis / treatment?

Sarah - it sounds like based on the information you've provided, the aneurysm was only partially coiled, which places it at a high rate of recurrence for an aneurysm 10mm or larger. That is why they are recommending a repeat angiogram to see if the coils have compacted. I'm happy to discuss this further with you if you'd like to email me ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. I hope this helps!

contact the doctor who ordered the scan. Ask him/her what they plan as the next step. I have already been told if my coiling has not taken care of aneurysm, I am to have more coils added. This is not uncommon. If you have issues with not getting answers, make an appointment with the doctor. This sounds like it came from scan place and they say they cannot make recommendations. Good luck and please take care of this