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Results today

Been to see neurosurgeon t oday and he’s agreed to coil my 6mm ica aneurysm carnt tell you how relieved I am I just want it gone along with all the stress and worry that comes with it xx

Wonderful news, Lynn. I know how difficult waiting can be. My aneurysm was coiled and stented in Dec. 2018. I learned today that I will be having another procedure add to more coils on Aug. 28th. The reason I need more coils is that the aneurysm has a wide neck. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the coiling procedure. Do you have a date for it yet?

Mines got a wide neck too but he said he’s going to put a balloon over it or a stent to keep them in depending on what he sees once he’s in. No date yet just said 8 to 10 weeks

I am glad to know that will be better to have them coiled. Will say a prayer for you to go smooth.
And hope for fast recovery. Good wishes going to you.:blush:

Just take one day at a time. 8 to 10 weeks will go quickly… Keep in touch.

My last coiling job was with a balloon assist, it put me on the two years don’t need to see the Doc list!

Wishing you a very speedy recovery.