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Results today

Been to see neurosurgeon t oday and he’s agreed to coil my 6mm ica aneurysm carnt tell you how relieved I am I just want it gone along with all the stress and worry that comes with it xx

Wonderful news, Lynn. I know how difficult waiting can be. My aneurysm was coiled and stented in Dec. 2018. I learned today that I will be having another procedure add to more coils on Aug. 28th. The reason I need more coils is that the aneurysm has a wide neck. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the coiling procedure. Do you have a date for it yet?

Mines got a wide neck too but he said he’s going to put a balloon over it or a stent to keep them in depending on what he sees once he’s in. No date yet just said 8 to 10 weeks

I am glad to know that will be better to have them coiled. Will say a prayer for you to go smooth.
And hope for fast recovery. Good wishes going to you.:blush:

Just take one day at a time. 8 to 10 weeks will go quickly… Keep in touch.

My last coiling job was with a balloon assist, it put me on the two years don’t need to see the Doc list!

Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

Hi I’ve got a 6mm ica anni too and I’m have it coiled with balloon assist on the 4th of Nov just starting to get nervous although I’m relieved it’s being done

Lynne, we can all certainly understand. There’s quite a few posts on here that can help make lists for the doctors, things to set your house in order, things you may need after surgery, etc Hang in there!