My surgery was done on the 16th no complication stayed one night in the hospital. I had a coil and stent done when can I get out of bed? I feel great. I know I have to take it easy but dr didn't say anything to me. What do I do? Also its really hard to get a hold of him

Sweetie...I am sure it is good if you get out and walk around several times a day...even in the Hospital and NICU...they walk you as soon as possible...good to keep clots at bay...don't over do...but do a little bit everyday...even if it feels ok to wash a few dishes, etc., then rest...walk a bit, then rest, shower, then rest...hope this helps you out...~ Healing thoughts out to you ~ Colleen


I hope that you are able to get moving like Colleen recommended and then you will be on the road to recovery. You should have been given some instructions with your discharge papers from the hospital. Even after clipping surgery, they have you up moving as quickly as 24 hours after surgery.

Take Care,

~ Carol

Hi Jeannie

I had a stent. I was in bed for 1 day and then up after that. I was just tired and had head pain which restricted what I could do but there were no restrictions by the medical team.

Just do what you feel you can and rest when you need to.

Hope your recovery goes well.

Jen xxx

Hi Jeannie, I had coils and stent in July. I went home the next day. I did rest most of the next two weeks but I could get up and move around and do things. Your body will tell you when its to much. Just take it easy. God bless Deb

Hey Jeannie!

As with anything you go thru at any hospital, afterwards you have to rest to recover...and so with that said, don't over do things, be very moderate in what you plan on doing -- in other words, don't over do it, even if you think you can ! rest and get some more rest (rest before your body tells you to) , use common sense judgement....(.and when you do get a hold of your Neurosurgeon , I hope you don't fail to remind him that you did have a major procedure done on your brain and having a bit of literature afterwards sure would've been helpful!) Peace, Janet has been said so all the others...

Prayers for your recovery...and, keeping us updated...