Request recommendation for endovascular neurosurgeons in southern california or nearby


I am a new member. I have an unruptured distal ICA wide neck aneurysm 6x4.5 mm discovered incidentally. I have been in the wait and see mode for the past 2 years. Now my doctor has moved and a new doctor strongly urge me to have a surgery by stent assisted coiling. I would like to have more opinions from other doctors.

Thank you very much.

It is good to get more opinions Suganya...

Not sure where you live in SoCal, but in NorCal the most knowledgable place to go is UCSF (San Francisco). It is a University hospital, so they are up to date on current procedures. They have a wing section for Nuerosurgery. I had to get a referral from my GP and it took a while to get in, but now things are moving along. I am seeing Dr. Lawton who is well known in his field. You can check out their website at - go to the nuerosurgery section. The choice of a physician is always a personal matter, so take your time and research your doctor. The important thing is to be comfortable with whomever you choose. Good luck.

Thank you very much Judie. I will check into it. Some doctors told me I need to take care of my aneurysm. Some think I can wait and see. I really don't know who to trust.

Excellent neurosurgeon in Santa Barbara. Alois Zauner ( He did coiling procedure after my SAH. I would highly recommend him. He is associated with Cottage Hospital also in Santa Barbara. The nursing staff @ Cottage is top notch.

Thank you very much Ginger. I really appreciate your info. I hope you're doing well.