Repeat aneursym

HI .Three years this march 15th I suffered aruputured aneursym.. I had no warning whatsoever . I collasped while jogging at the local YMCA . I weas one of the lucky ones .I collapsed at he bas of the stairmaster .On the stairmaster working out was an emergency room cotr and her husband also an emergency room sdoctor was near by . I do not rember anything of the trip in the ambulance tot eh lcoal hospital . then another trip to a hospital further2 hours away .

Surgeries ,Icu stay rehab .But I sruvived ....

The Neurosurgeion said as long as I do not go on a five day bender or lift 500 ounds I should not expect to have any more trouble .

I wish I had discovered this web site in those earlier day s. I flet so alone ..No one I knew had anything like this , Since i thankfully recoverd so well People just assumed I was the same as before and had the sme expectaions of me.. That can sometimes be frustraing but I am thankful for every day I have .and the gift of "more time"

A question I have ..The neurosurgeon did not recommend any follow up Is that usual ?I have tow clips and they did pack another bulge they discovered ,, Should I be following up with someone??

Any advice would be much appreciated..